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Transition from 2 to 1 day naps Lock Rss

My DD is in that inbetween stage from having 2 naps to going down to one midday nap. At kindy she seems to be doing it well, however, at home - its another story. I was wondering how you went about the transition and if you had any good hints or tips for me.

We're having a bit of a hard time at the moment. Its like DD is testing the boundaries a bit, chucking little hissy fits when she doesn't get her way. You know - those times when everything seems to go to sh*t - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi

I found with Jack that if we kept busy ib the morning it was easier as it took his mind off being tired and I also in the beginiing used to put him to bed about 10.30 and then start to stetch it out as he got used to coping with being tired. Now he is mostly in bed for his nap around 11.30.
It's great when you get up every day and just know your going to hit a brick wall all day isn't it? You've just got to think that every day is a new day and that consistancy is the key to things sinking in.

4 and grown up now

DD has just dropped one sleep (still two on Sundays after swimming though) and she is feral for an hour before she goes down. Mia is great when we are out and doesn't whinge at all for a sleep before 12pm but home she grizzles and grizzles and then if I put her down early she will still sleep for 3 hours so I can give her an arvo sleep...

Currently she wakes at 7:30am and goes down at 11:30-12pm for 3 hours. Some day I have to put her to bed a little earlier with only a snack as she is too tired to eat. On these days I just let her snack all day (until 3:30pm ish) rather than a sh!t fight over food (lunch) and sleep. Hard work!

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