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going into a big bed Lock Rss

Hi All,
Just afer we haad our DS we thought it was time for our DD (23mnths old) to go into a big bed as she kept getting out of her cot.
The first week or so went really well then after that it just went down hill.
Atleast 3 to 4 times a night she wakes up screaming and hops into bed with us and we have never had her in our room with us and i dont indend to start now.
We have tried everything from fav toy to night light to even giving her a bottle.
Does anyone have any suggestions as i am starting to find it rather hard and dont know what i am doing wrong.
Our DS is starting to sleep all night i just wish our DD would do the same.

Angela, Tassie, DD 30/06/2004 DS 18/03/2006

Hey Ange,

Nina has been waking screaming to come into my bed too, I am a sucker and let her!!

Does your DD have a routine before bed? Like bath, bottle, story then bed? Orjust straight to bed? Maybe if that time before bed was a little bit special she may enjoy the ritual?

I am not sure on this one...wish I could be of more help!
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