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Daylight Savings Lock Rss

Hi, Ever since Daylight Savings started on Sunday my son (who is turning one in a few weeks) is having trouble getting to sleep at night. He has never been much of a day time sleeper more of a napper although the last few months he has been having 1 hr sleep in the morning and one in the afternoon. The problem is he gets so tired and cranky by six o'clock, I've always had that as his bedtime, but now its still bright and sunny, he hears next doors kids playing etc....and wont go to sleep until at least 7.30pm....He wakes up now at about 5.45am. Is this normal? When do you know when there sleeping patterns are to change...?Does anyone else have this problem and if so got any suggestions??
Hi Mel,
My suggestions are, try buying some block out curtains for bubby's room. They work a treat. Also try keeping the window closed to keep outside noises down a little, you might also like to try putting a radio in the room with either some static or a nice relaxing c.d playing in the background. A small desk fan also helps to curculate the air and makes a soothing sound for bubby. Hope I've helped. Goodluck and let us know how it works.
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