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32 mth old not sleeping in own bed and milk through the night Lock Rss

i have a 32 mth old who still asks for milk about 2am everynight and wont sleep in her bed she likes to sleep with us i have tried the timeout thing and if you sleep in your bed you will get a sticker or suprise but it doesnt work and the milk thing I tell her theres no milk and she'll kick and scream till she gets it then theres the husband who says just give it to her so i can get some sleep and his works 13hrs during the day

any advise.

Anita nsw almost 3yr old

I can understand fully how you feel, My son is 2 and wakes 2-3 times night and wanting his bottle, from what people tell me it is a habbit, and i have to try and break out of it and stop giving him a bottle, it will be hard when I start, as he loves his night bottles, sort of like a comfort thing for him, but have been told the longer I leave it the worst it will get for my husband and i not getting ang sleep, as we are both so tired of this repeated episode every night, Mabey you will just have to be firm and just say no or just offer a drink of water and your child may begin to understand and get into a routine, I begin with no bottles starting from tonight when he wakes, I m dreading it as i know he wants it, but have to be strong and say no. He will cry for it but this is what i have been told to try to break the habbit. Good luck, Ren. : )

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

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