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just moved house and wont sleep Lock Rss

hi all,

We moved house a month and a bit ago. My son was sleeping everynight in his bed and putting himself to sleep (waking once to twice a night). Now that we've moved house he wont put himself to sleep in his bed nor stay there all night. i find the only way i can get him to sleep is to put him in my bed and cuddle him to sleep.

I've tried to move his room around to a similar way is was at our old house but it doesnt seem to be making a difference.

Also he wont go to sleep till 9.30 which is killing me. he wakes at 7-7.30am and has an hour nap from 12.30-1.30. i dont know if i should cut out his nap as i feel he still needs it.

We have just moved house about 2 weeks ago and my daughter (Brooke, 14 1/2 months old) sleeps from 8.30pm till 9am but her day sleeps haven't been as good sometimes she just cat naps for 1/2 hour, but I have now started a daytime sleep at the same time every day and it's working all she has is 2 hours in the arvo then her night sleep.

I found the best way to settle her in was to put her cot in our room and she sleeps perfect if she can see us and after a couple of months when the weather warms up i'm going to see how she goes adjusting to her own bedroom in the meantime I just let her play and explore the house and her bedroom so she gets used to it and so far she's had 3 day sleeps in her own room.

Hope this helps smile
I found the same with my lil man. i was doing the same as you an putting him in bed with me and that is the worst thing i could have ever done because now he thinks he can do it whenever he wants and that its ok. I have just finally been able to put him in his bed b4 now my partner had to do it maybe he knew that if i put him to bed i would give in. so you could try having turns for a while? the other thing i do is let him know 1/2 hr b4 he is going to bed so he knows and then i remind him just b4 we brush his teeth. ive also found that letting him take his fav book or toy to bed no matter what it is helps lol. Also i always leave the door open and hall light on so that he isnt left in the dark.... hope this helps and let me know how you ger on smile

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

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Same thing happening with me i have 3.5 years old baby sleep from 10pm to 9am but his day rests have not been as good, he is not playing like others babies, he is also sleep 4 hours in daytime. I am worried about my house relocating. Anybody recommend me Man and Van Guildford, i don't know about its services quality. @Sophiapoul0 is you know about this company, If yes so please guide me, Please.
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