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Wrapping Lock Rss


My nearly 10 month old loves being wrapped and won't sleep without being wrapped. I have tried not wrapping him, partial wrapping and a sleeping bag and had no luck. Though I have not persisted.

I would like to hear from Mum's with Toddlers if you are still wrapping them, when did they grow out of it etc? My husband keeps saying we will be wrapping him when he is 7!

Sometimes I think the wrapping has to stop, but that is his comfort for sleeping so why stop?

Your feedback is appreciated.

Hi Nicks mum

I think that if you really want to stop wrapping your little guy then you won't have as many problems as you may think. A few days of very subtle changes and before too long he will be out of the wraps. That said, if he likes being wrapped and still fits in them then who cares. So be it. I stopped wrapping my DD at about 7-8 months. I just started by leaving one arm out for a few days, then both arms, then moved the wrap down her body. Since the winter months have been with us my DD won't sleep now without her sleeping bag on so I will have this habit to break come the hotter weather. There is always something isn't there. smile

I think your little guy being in wraps still is such a little thing that I wouldn't even bother worrying about it. Change it when you and he are ready. Better that he be having good sleeps than restless ones all because he isn't wrapped.

I hope this makes you feel better.


Karen, NSW, 1 baby girl

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