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sleepless nights Lock Rss

Hi guys! Iam new to this forum...I have 22mth twins. My daughter sleeps quite well at night apart from moving from this end of the bed to the other, but my son wakes up about 6-7 times at night. most of the times he wakes up crying either for my attention or for milk.... its very hard for me to let him cry and ignore him as that wakes my daughter up...then i have two to comfort.,..please help...i need some advice...


yasmeen,nsw,22mth twins

Hey Yasmin,
i dont have twins but i have two lil men sharing a bedroom 1 3yrs and 1 19months. my oldest has just decided to start waking up during the night aswell so i know what its like. He tells me there are dinosaurs in his room and i hear him screaming before he comes in and wakes me up. what i do and i dont know if its the best thing but its the only thing so far that has helped me have a good nights sleep, and that is putting a cot mattress down beside my side of the bed b4 i get tucked in so that when and if he comes in he can have me there and feel safe and i dont have to have him in my bed or have to be up half the night trying to settle him. when my youngest wants milk (i always have 1 pre-made in the fridge just in case)
i just jump up, put it in the microwave and then give it to him to feed himself and that normally works. Hope this helps and gud luck smile

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Hi Yasmin

My DS (19 months old) still wakes some nights too! Like the previous poster, I too offer a small amount of milk to resettle and go back to sleep. It usually works! It's not what a lot of other mummies or professionals would advise but there are still some of us out there that do this!
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