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waking for bottles Lock Rss

My 17 month old daughter usually wakes once a night for a bottle. I have tried giving her water to break the habit but after an hour of crying and having to get up early the next morning I find it easier to just give her the milk. She is only 8.04 kg and my husband says she needs everything she can get. What should I do?
my 20 month old still wakes for a bottle once a night. I have tried everything from letting him cry to giving water but the only thing that settles him is a bottle. The way i see it know is it is easier to get up for 5mins to get a bottle than have him upset and cring and disturbing the whole household (i have a 6 week old baby and hubby) I figure by the time he is a teenager he wont be calling for his bot bot anymore!!!!!! (well i hope)
Oh Renee! I understand what you mean. I have nearly two year old twins, I too started of a habbit of just getting up to give them a bottle because at 3am it was eaisier. Now I face my next problem - getting them off the bot!!!! I water their milk down alot but its really a comfort thing. Over summer I hope to toilet train, I cant see too many dry nights with a couple of bottles at bed time.



I honestly don't know what you are experiencing as my 18mth old started sleeping through without a bottle during the night from around 3/4 months.

If this is causing you problems or is becoming an issue, make an appointment to see your Clinic Nurse in your area. These women deal with these problems on a daily basis and they just might be able to solve you problem relatively quick!

My DD had major sleep problems and I was amazed by the knowledge that was given to me and the support from my Clinic Nurse. I just wish I had gone to her from day one! Not 18months down the track.

Food for thought!

Godd luck


Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

hi (Sarah here again)
just wanted to let you know that my daughter is now sleeping through the night. After talking to a friend who suggested that I really get strict and only give her water or else by the time she would be two she would be running the household. I persaviered for two hours one night then caved and gave her a bottle but it still worked she no longer has a bottle at night and in most cases doen't even make a sound all night. AT Last.
Thanks for your feedback.
Hi Renee..This is my first time on here, I saw this post and just had to reply....My 2year old son was also waking during the night for his beloved bot bot......sometime 3-4 times, and it was just easier to get up and get it.....well the week before christmas, we kept telling him that santa was going to take his bot bot and leave him presents....and you know worked!!!! so maybe you could give it a go and say easter bunny is going to take your bot bot and leave you easter eggs.....worth a try...I am going to tell my little man that easter bunny is going to take his dummy!!
He doesnt wake anymore during the night and he only really had one night that was yukky , but he only sooked for a few minutes....
good luck!

mum of Kobey, 2years..

Funny that you replyed when you did as the night before i had enough of my son (also Kobi, and I have a four month old son Tyson) waking 2 -3 times a night wanting hie bottle. I told him i threw the bottle out and made a big deal with grandparents etc that he didnt need his bottle and he kept saying "bot bot gone" with his arms outstretched (absolutely georgeous). It was also garbage night that night (he wakes up at 6.30am to watch the trucks as he loves them) so we told him the garbage truck took it!!!!! he has slept the last 2 nights the whole way through. He does take a spill proof cup to bed with water I am so amazed . Now i need him to drink his milk from a cup,
Thanx for replying
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