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17 month old now won't sleep through... Lock Rss

My 17 month-old used to sleep through the night - from about 7pm to 6:30am. She used to go to bed fine, no dramas, and would actually almost dive into her cot. Lately, she has taken to waking up during the night - and not settling until my husband or I actually takes her out of the cot and sleeps with her on the couch. I have tried leaving her for longer periods when she starts calling out, however this eventually builds up to crying and does not ease up at all. We have put a couple of toys in her cot in the hope that she will be able to amuse herself - no luck there. She also stands up in her cot and refuses to lie back down. Reassuring her doesn't work, as she settles and then starts up again about 10mins later. (This saga lasted 3 hours the other night, then she decided at 5am that it was actually time for her to get up for the day.) We have tried a night light and are basically at our wits end with what to do! Nothing is working for us! I do not want to get into a habit of her sleeping with us, or relying on us for her to be able to sleep. Does anyone have any ideas?

Debbie, QLD, gorgeous daughter

Hi Debbie,

I know exaclty what you're going through (though with me it was a bit earlier in the piece) and the only thing I have to offer you is what saved us. That is a book called On Becoming Baby Wise. It help us to get our daughter who had been waking anywhere from 3 - 8 times a night, sleeping in our bed, feeding all the time and not sleeping through the day, to sleeping through and structured (though flexible) sleep routine in the day with in a week. They say you can use the principals in it at pretty much any age. (Where they talk about starting late, they specifically mention starting at 12, 18 months or even older).

Anyway, If you'd like to chat more or would like more info, just let me know.

Have a great day,

I have one of those daughters too. Except she is not quite as bad as in she will not sleep anywhere but her cot.

She wakes a few times a night but it is because she had bumped her head on the rails or is tangled in the sheets.

Seems like I might need to get me a copy of that book though... she is being a pain when it comes to day sleeps =:0

Mel, Vic, Lilly 17 months

Hey Mel,

Great to hear from you. I think you'll love the book anyway, it's got heaps of awesome info in it. It'll be perfect too for sorting out a day routine for her. If you want any info on how/where you could get it, Let me know.

Would love to hear how you go.

Dear Shani, I guess this is toooooo late to reply to your post... but i was wondering if I could ask about more info. on that book? Where could I get hold of this book and for how much?
Email me on [email protected]

Basima, NSW, Fawaz 06/12/01, Maryam 27/04/04

Hey Basima,

Thanks for your post. Nope, it sure isn't too late to reply. Just thought I'd leave a quick reply to let you know I'll e-mail you.

have a great day.

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