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Pacifiers and Sleep Lock Rss

At what age would it be appropriate to get rid of the dummy and the best may of doing so???
My daughter doesnt need her dummy until its bed time and she wakes often if she cant find it leaving me up and about a million times a night.

Aneta,VIC, Tahlia 25/12/03 Tiyana 05/12/05

my daughter turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and the week before her birthday, we took her dummy away from her, she would use it for sleep mostly but would also have it whenever she wanted it during the day. When she woke up on the Sunday morning and she took her dummy out, I then took it away from her without her seeing it and then when she was looking for it, we told her that she had lost it and I think she kind of understood that it was lost because she went looking for it around the house and when she couldn't find it she said "dummy all gone" so we kind of think that she understood that it was gone. So the real test came when she had to go to sleep, she carried on crying for a little while, but she eventually went off to sleep and for the next couple of days she would look for her dummy and would cry a bit when it was time for sleep. We were quite suprised at how well she handled it. So it's nearly 3 weeks later and she does'nt ask for it and settles for sleep really well.

Mel, SA

My sister has four girls who have always been very dependant on their dummies and 3 have given it up easily around the age of two. She gets them ready a couple of months before easter, telling them that the Easter Bunny is going to take it away with him when he drops off the eggs, and by the time Good Friday arrives they are fully aware that it's time is limited! All have done really well with giving it up and she's had no trouble at all.
I'm planning on using the same tactics when mine get to that age.
Hope this helps

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

Thank you for your views. I still have a while to go then. I thought if I let her get too used to it after a year she would be too dependant on the dummy.
Your stories tell me otherwise.
What a relief and a great help.

Aneta,VIC, Tahlia 25/12/03 Tiyana 05/12/05

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