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Daylight saving Lock Rss


Now that it's light in the mornings at around 5:30-6am my DS is waking up!! He is still going to bed at the same time at night though so even with his day sleep he is a cranky pants!

I have just started trying to gradually put him in bed earlier so he has more sleep!

When does daylight savings start?

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Oh, he usually sleeps til 7-7.30am without problems... this is why it is a problem!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

Bring on daylight savings!!!
I am right there with you!
My son has been waking up at about 5:30am every morning!
I am just hoping that when daylight savings starts he will go back to waking at 7am like before!
Fingers crossed!!!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

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