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controlled crying technique Lock Rss

I have an 18 month old who still sleeps in mum and dad's bed and can still wake up 2 or 3 times a night and refuses to go back to sleep without a bottle. My clinic sister thinks it is time to be a little bit cruel to be kind and has suggested controlled crying. Has anyone found that this works and how long it takes.
Any advice would be great.

I've tried but I'm a sucker for my children's cries! My son did this for ages too! In the end I just gave in, got him what he wanted so I could get some sleep!! My son just grew out of it by the time he was 2! I think controlled crying technique works for some and not for others!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi. We have a 21 mth old who would only fall asleep in our arms this was happening up until he was 18mths of age. It took us a good 2/3 weeks of comfort crying to get him in his cot without a hassle. It was gut wrenching to hear him crying but it really needed to be done. He now goes to bed without any hassles at all and my husband and I get time of an evening to ourselves(most nights) If you are going to try comfort crying my suggestion is that you dont give in to your child. Good luck gasp)
I have a 15 month old son and we just moved to a new town and about a month and a half ago we were told by the new daycare centre to try Controlled Conforting.

After doing it for about 2 weeks at our new Unit the lady that lives above us called the Police reporting that I leave my child at home by himself at night (as if I would ever ever ever do that) because it would some nights take us up to 2 hours to get him to sleep therefore I have not tried it again.

Daycare continued doing it and now have no problems puting him to sleep, me on the other hand have not had much luck in the sleeping feild but it must work if daycare can get him to sleep.

So be strong and just keep it up if you try I have heard a lot of people who have tried contolled conforting with great results.

I will try again when I get the courage to.

QLD, 15 mth Boy

Thanks for the advice,
it has been nearly two months since my now 20 month old has been sleeping in his own cot. It was a hard three or four nights to begin with but after that it wasn't that bad just a few wimpers. He now goes to bed without any fuss and he still sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night but goes back to sleep if I go in a rub his head.
I do agree you have to be strong and not give in but you also don't have to go buy the book, bend the rules a bit to what everyou feel comfortable

Hi - I have tried "control crying tech" for my daughter when she was 9mths old and have to say - it did work after the 4th nite. Yippe....... It takes a lot out of us mothers but the result is there. Again - it works for some and not for some. As long as you are happy with the tech, go with what's best as every child is so diff and the books are just as guide.


Hi,I know how herd it is when you have a little one that does not want to sleep,Breanna is almost 8 month and from the day she was born she has wanted to sleep in my bed.But as she got bigger it became more of a problem.A few weeks ago I went to the riverton centre where they tought me the controled crying techniqe.It broke my heart the fisrst day listening to her cry,I can remember stand at her door crying myself.I wonder if I was doing the right thing.But it has been 2 weeks since I went there and it is amasing how well it has worked I just give Breanna a kiss and put her down and of she goes to sleep.So keep it up because it does work

Leanne & Baby Breanna, Redland Bay

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