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Waking up early Lock Rss

Hi all

My little girl is 13 months and sleeps really well. She has a 2 hour morning nap and a two hour afternoon nap. She goes to bed at 8.30 and usualyy wakes up at 7.30 - 8.00.

Lately she is waking up at 6 - 6.30 and i thought i would give up her afternon nap but she gets so tired.

Anyone experienced this?

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

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I thought of that. Only thing is my mums group and playgroup are in the middle of the day and her dad dosent get home till 7.30 - 8.00 so he likes to spend time with her.


Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

My daughter is 12 months and also a good sleeper. She goes down at 8pm and sleeps till 7.30am. However, I limit her daytime sleeps to 1.5hrs each. She does this naturally most of the time, but if she happens to sleep longer the nightime routine can get out of whack. So I open her door to encourage arousal when she has slept long enough.
Thanx pedro i might try that

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

I'm having the same problem with my 2 y.o. son, except he's waking up at 5:00 sometimes sooner. I rang CYH, they said this was Hamish's way of letting me know he was getting enough sleep. Their suggestion was to cut down sleep times slowly rather than cutting out all together in one hit.

Hamish only has one sleep, but he slept for 3-4 hours during the day. We've had to cut him back to 2 hrs. We're trialing this for a week and if things don't improve we need to cut back to 1 1/2hrs etc..

The way the CYH nurse was speaking I would slowly cut back the morning sleep rather than the arvo one and when it get cut completely just keep her occupied with trips out etc.

Hope this helps
I also have a good sleeping Baby he goes to bed at 8.30pm and sleeps till 7.30am sometimes 8.00am and has one day sleep from 1pm-5pm. Maybe trying cutting out one day sleep if so cut it back slowly if I was you I would cut back on the moring one as she must have a nap before Playgroup then a longer nap after play group or even try a later bed time maybe she is getting enough sleep

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi Myrtle

Thanks for the advice. wow 1 - 5! what do you do? LOL

She has a cold at the moment so her sleeps are all out of wack, but she is sleeping 11 - 1 and going to bed 7.30 - 8.00.

That seems to be working. I try to give her a afternoon nap (to give her a choice) but she just plays.

Keep in touch smile

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

Hi there well I guess Iam just lucky as I just put him in the cot with a cup of water and his bears put on his CD player of bedtime stories and off he goes. well mostly now I've said all that the last 2 days he has had no day sleep at all and has crashed at 7.30pm till 7am. I want his day sleeps back. Sometimes he just plays in his cot but then they say as long as they are resting this is same as sleep... and I guess playing in the cot and running everywhere is resting.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi again
I have decided to keep her morning nap ( around 9.30 - 10.00) she sleeps for about 1 1/2 hours then at 3 sometimes she sleeps and sometimes not. She goes to bed at 7.30 now and wakes up at 7.30.

Hopefully things stay this good!

Kelly, W.A, Kasey 1

Hi Kelly. I wrote above how my daughter has two sleeps for 1.5 hrs each. Well this month everything has changed. Now she has 2-3 hours from about 11am and that's it. She still sleeps from 8pm to 7.30am no worries. Maybe our girls are just growing up and need less sleep.
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