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How to get a 17month old to sleep past 4.00am!!! Lock Rss

HELP. my nearly 17 month baby has never been the best sleeper and not really had a sleeping pattern. However over the last couple of weeks his waking up is getting earlier and earlier. He is now waking up at 4.00am every day!!! He is actually still tired and constantly yawning. He cries and whines and throws temper tantrams. Trying to feed and dress him is a major stressful job in itself. This is now beyond a joke as no one in the house is getting any sleep so the whole place is like a hell hole with angry, moody snappy people. It doesnt seem to matter what time we put him to bed but usually it is around 7.00 - 7.30pm. Most nights he sleeps right through, some nights he wakes up crying and we just give him his dummy and he goes back to sleep. He seems to have a big dinner and doesnt finish his night bottle of 240mls. We have tried to darken his room, we have closed his window, we have put him in warmer clothes, we have given him bonjela, we have given him nurofen and we have even tried a Nora Jones CD followed by the Dreams CD. All he does is just cry and cry until he becomes hysterical. Some times he can cry for over 45 mins and he still will not go back to sleep. After listening to that yourself for that long you are so stressed out you cant even think straight. This morning I actually got up with him and left the lights and TV off and did not give him a bottle. I just sat on the lounge pretending to go to sleep (I was too angry to actually sleep). Then we have to go off to work, to very stressful jobs, with hardly any sleep. He goes to day care and has a 2 hour sleep after lunch. He is very active all day so he should be using up his energy. When he is not in day care I put him back to sleep kicking and screaming around 9.00am and he has between 1 to 2 hours sleep. Then he has another sleep after lunch. How long should he be sleeping for? Does anyone have any idea on what to do besides sound proofing the whole house and the neighbourhood for that matter. I cant tell you how distressed this is making the house, we need to fix this and quick!! Any help or advice gladly accepted.
Hi there Caleb's mum

I can understand how you feel. Some nights my son who is 20 months old wakes up early like 2-3am and won't go back to sleep straight away. He things its party time and wants to watch television and play in daddy's car. We have to keep telling him that everyone including the car are asleep.

Last night (27-11-03) he woke up around 3am and first of all wanted mummy then he wanted daddy. Eventually my husband got up and put him in the bed with him and finally after about an hour he fell asleep.

It is very stressfull as we both work full time and I have to get up early on Fridays to drop him off at my parents place.

His eye teeth are still coming down so this could be the reason why he wakes up. We either give him baby panadol or baby nurofen which is supposed to be really good.

My son has a morning sleep of between 1-2 hours but rarely has one in the afternoon, depends on where he is.

Hope things work out for you.

Hi DebraRettie, thankfully Caleb cant talk that well but no doubt he too would love to play in the car. I have tried to get him to sleep with me but all he does is talk, pull my ear , play with my nose and try to stick his dummy in my mouth!! We are just getting to the stage where we are just accepting this a part of life but then I am thinking it shouldnt be. I only work part time so I dont know how you are coping with fulltime work you poor thing. My husband is a shift worker so we have no routine as some nights he is here and others he is not. Thanks for replying at least I am not the only person in the world going through this. Just promise me if you find a cure you will let me know, OK. It doesnt matter how minor the change is I want to know about it ASAP!!
Hi Janeen! My youngest son was a very early riser too! Every morning at 5.00 a.m. (I got an extra hour than you), he would wake without fail. We tried everything as you have, including nailing dark plastic sheeting to the outside of the bedroom window to keep his room pitch black. Like your son, these things made no difference to him so eventually we accepted that this was how it was going to be. On a bright note all my housework was done before the school run in the morning! I realise you were expecting some kind of cure but I don't have one. The reason I am sharing this with you is to give you some hope. As he got older he started sleeping later until 6/6.30 and now that he doesen't have a day sleep every day it is 7/7.30, some mornings I have to go and wake him up after 8.00 to get him ready to leave in the morning. We can't believe how different he is. The only problem we have now is the 6 year old who was always a late riser, now gets up at 6.00!!!

Leanne, WA, 2 Boys 5 & 2

Have you asked the daycare to keep him (Caleb) up as long as possible, ask them to try an afternoon sleep instead, that way he will be awake a bit longer in the night and hopefully wake up later in the morning?
I have done this with both my kids and has worked a charm, my eldest doesn't sleep at all in the day time and my daughter (18months) has an afternoon sleep, so by the time I pick her up at daycare, she is awake, has had afternoon tea and is happy to see me.
She is then awake until about 8:30pm - I try to make her go to bed no later than 9pm because then I get "my time" before my sleep too.
She now wakes up at 6:30- 7am when her dad wakes up.

I'd love to know if this works for you? have you tried it? Be persistant- it won't happen over night, but it will happen... ha ha

Good Luck all.

Susan, QLD, mo2 = B3y4m & G18m

Hi Everyone thats for your replies and advice. Its good to know we are not the only ones going through this. I spoke to his day care a few weeks ago and they suggested to not let him sleep as much with them. I wasnt too sure knowing how painful he is when he doesnt have enough sleep. In the end after reading this post I spoke to them again and they are holding off on his sleep to start with and waking him up half an hour before. So he is still getting an hour or an hour and a half but not more. Well so far we have had a 6.00am wakeup, but we seem to now be waking up around 5.30am. I can live with this. It works out well as next year I will have to start work an hour earlier. Thanks again for replying. Its great to be able to get such good, trusted advice. Happy sleeping!!
Hi Janeen,

Have you ever tried putting cammoile tea in his bottle. When my daughter was 4 weeks old she would wake up at nine AM and then not go to sleep until one AM. Believe me I know it works.
Give it a go.

Good luck Sarah
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