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bub wont go to sleep unless held, with bottle! Lock Rss

my son, 21months, from birth , wont go to sleep unless i sit and hold him while i feed him a botle. if hes really tired he may doze off on the floor while hes being fed, but its a rare occurance.
i am at odd as to what to do. its almost like hes addicted tothe bottle.formlas costing me a fortune, cows milk gives him a rash, and he wont do soy or rice milk.
so the routine is..he finally falls asleep, we take him to his bed, and hell usually sleep il abt 11pm, but i cannot remember the last time he slept thru the night.i am not jioking!
he wakes up, comes in, and cries until hes in bed and being fed again. he also wakes several times and says 'bottle', and cries if he doesnt have it.hell have a suck then roll over n go back to sleep, and this pattern seeems unbreakable, a well as utterly distubing to our sleeps.
most nights i give in and sleep next to him so i dont have to keep getting up n down. does anyone have any sound advice or is in a similar situation???elp please.

I'm in adelaide and we have one or two clinics for childhood sleep issues. If you live in a metro area I would say there would be similar places where you are. I haven't had to attend one but I know they have doctors and child psychologists there that can help you change sleep behaviour step by step until everyone in the house is getting a good night sleep. I hope this helps.

You are what we were in July 04.

I really feel for you... if you're not at the end of your tether you soon will be.

I can tell you what we did and offer advice according to what worked for us, but I really advise you strongly to check in with Tizzie at .

I literally just posted our situation under the topic of "check out Tizzie halls new web page", if you have any doubts as to weather Tizzie can help you read it ... I can assure you she will get your son and family sleeping and enjoying life again without the sleep aid of a bottle.

Best of Luck


mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

Hi, my son is now 19 m/o. I am a single parent and from birth, i too, have held him and given him a bottle until hes asleep in my arms.
I actually dont mind doing this....but have had alot of outside pressure to put him to sleep the "normal" way.
He occasionally wakes because of a wet nappy and is easily soothed back to sleep with the sound of my voice and few strokes on his forehead.
He is a healthy and happy toddler.I think you can only do, what works best for you, as a family.
I know that eventually the time will come when he will be pushing me aside, because he is a "big boy" and wont need me.( in this manner)
Im going to enjoy the pre snooze cuddles for as long as it takes.
After all, they grow up too fast!!
Enjoy your time being a mum. smile

man child is growing up too quickly!

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