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any trouble moving from cot to bed? Lock Rss

I would love dearly to put my 13 month old son in a bed but am a little afraid if I do I will have trouble trying to settle him off to sleep. When did you start your baby/toddler in a bed and did you have alot of trouble with them not settling off to sleep. I can just see him playing and laughing at me instead of sleeping.

mum to Jacob 22/3/04 Liam 5/2/05

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I know of somebody who had a 14 month old and they needed the cot for a newborn, so they started out by putting the toddler onto a mattress on the floor. They had to 'train' their daughter to stay on the mattress over a period of time (not sure how long it took). She ended up doing really well and learnt not to get off the mattress until someone came in to get her - eventually she was moved into a bed and she was fine. I don't know if this is of any help to you, but good luck with what you decide to do.

Kind Regards

Alison, Vic, Abby 2.5 yrs, Poppy 5 mths


I have just put my 13mth old daughter in to a big bed because she would scream come bed time.

What I did was leave the door unlactched but closed so she couldn't see out but could get out, every time she got up I put her straight back to bed this went on for about an hour for the first night, the second day for her morning nap it only lasted 15 mins and haven't had a problem since, she now stays in bed as soon as we put her down.

I have a big cusion on the floor incase she falls out, which has only happend twice in the 5 days she has had the bed. You could also buy a bed rail from places like target, kmart, not sure on the cost though.

You just need to be prepared your son is most likely going to try and see how much he can get away with if you start from day one just putting him straight back to bed it wont take him long to understand he is to stay in bed.

Good luck.
We made the transition from cot to bed due to Bub number 2 arriving. We opted for a single bed and placed two safety rails along the side so it covered the entire side of the bed. This made it a little more difficult for him to hop out of bed.

He is also 'Nemo' Mad so we bought a nemo pillow case and blanket. So from the beginning he loved going to sleep with Nemo and by the time he worked out how to get over the safety rails, he was in his sleep routine. So if your little one loves a particular character, try that - it certainly worked for us.

Deanne, QLD - Kyden 19mths

We are just thinking of moving our little girl (15 months) into a bed. Baby no. 2 is due in 7 months.

Our plan is to buy a bed and set it up in her room so she gets used to seeing it there. When we think it's time we'll swap her over to sleeping in the bed instead of the cot. We then plan to leave the cot empty for at least a month so that she doesn't think she's lost her cot to the new baby.

We are going to put her bed against the wall on one side and get a safety side for the other side.

That's the plan anyone, hope it works!

Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

We moved our son into a big bed at about the age of 16 -18mths (can't remember exactly -he's now 5) He used to get ut of the bed every few minutes and make his way into the lounge. We'd just tell him to go back to bed and if he didn't go back by himself we'd take him back. Tooh a couple of weeks but it happened.
The hardest bit was that hubby's chair in the lounge was behind the open door. This meant everytime Liam came out of his room and I was trying to tell him to go back, hubby would be sitting there, in my view, trying not to laugh out aloud. Try keeping a straight face, enough to convince a toddler, when thats happening.

With our daughter (happening now) we tried moving her into a big bed that had been set up in her room. It didn't last. She'd freak as soon as she woke (thats if we got her to sleep) Now I've just removed the side of the cot so that it is still stable with the 3 sides and secure base and we treat that as her bed. We also have pillows and thick dunas folded in half on the floor in case she falls out. She'd doing really well. The first 2 mornings she's panicked when she woke up and screamed but day 3 and 4 have been fine. Tonight (night5) is the first night where she hasn't gotten up with a cheeky smile and giggle. Hopefully it will be just as easy when it becomes the proper bed.

Good luck everyone!!

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

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