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screaming at night Lock Rss

my son one of twins at 1 1/2 started to scream during the night it would be at different times last for a few weeks then sleep all way through then back to screaming some times he'd go back to sleep no fuss other times it could take hours it would take awhile to comfort him as at the start he'd not let us touch him to me it seemed he was in pain others said night terrors but he's inconsistant some one has mentoined confusional arousals has any one heard of this please
Hi. I haven't heard about confusional arousals. My son wakes occasionally and partly screams and cries as if there's someone in his room. I put it down to this - TV. I can see my son absorbing so much stuff from TV, and recently there was the "wicked" chocolate ice cream ad where the people looked like aliens in a woman's kitchen. This ad affected my son considerably, we had to remove him from the room when the ad was on. Cartoons can cause problems too. Have you considered nightmares because of terrible images on TV or where ever? Especially when your son frets at your touching him.
All the best to you.
Night terrors aren't consistant! My husbands sister had them when she was young then they just stopped and then started again when she was in high school! Some nights she would sleep fine then others she would wake the whole household with her screams! Keep a diary of them, then talk to a doctor or sleeping specialist!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

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