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trying to get 2yr old into a bed. Rss

I am trying to get my little boy 2yrs 3mths to move out of his cot and into a bed but having no luck every time we try it ends up in a disaster and he is crying and getting out before I can even walk away. He gets really distressed and we end up putting him in his cot (not before we give it a good go though). Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to convince him that its ok? I would really appreciate it.
I know what you mean, it's a tricky one, we're trying the same at the moment without much luck. I heard that if you get a sheet set & doona cover of their fave cartoon character etc and make a big deal out of it then it makes it easier but we've bought a bed set with Thomas on it but that didn't work so now we're looking for a Thomas bed or a car bed at the moment, tho I've got a feeling he'll be spending most of his time playing and not enough time sleeping! Best of luck and if you discover anything that works let me know!

Sebastian's mum, WA

Hi there. I must be one of the lucky two year old loves motorbikes and cars so when we bought a bed for a new room, I went and found cars stickers for the walls and i recoevered lamp shades with car material and i made sure there was a few pictures of our family on his bedside tables. He got so excited when he saw his room he gets jealous when we say we want to sleep in his room. Maybe if there is something your child is attached to, you can make it a theme for their room and show that you would rather sleep there than in your own bed!

good luck

Marie, NSW, mother of 3 angelic boys

My daughter had a safty t sleep in her cot so when we moved her to a bed on 1st Dec 2004 and put her safty sleep on she didn't seem to notest the differnce infact she loved her bed esp with the pooh bear theme! She's almost two and still in her safty sleep, a good thing as she's known to getout, I now have to pin the safty sleep so that she can't undo it! Mind u that hasn't stoped her from wiggling out! Still at the beginning no problems getting her into a bed, the earlier u start say 16 or 17 months the better......

Emma 31/7/03, Daniel 11/1/06

with jesse (23 months)we had a few sleepless night but i found it easy when we took the cot out of the room, so i could not give in to him and put a baby gate up to stop the night wandering. i also than used some of the supper nanny ideas an instead of having a naughty room or chair i set the cot up in a spare room and have a naughty cot, so jesse does not want to be in it. at 7:15pm every night i read jesse a story and tell him 15 minutes to bed and give him a count down to bed time than at 7:30 he knows he is going and i go and tuck him in tell him to sleep all night and not to get out of bed before 7am and that mummu and daddy both love him very much and this seams to work for us, he now sleeps in his bed from 7:30pm -7:30am every night with no night wandering and has been doing this since he was 21 months.

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

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