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Problem getting 2 1/2 year old to sleep Lock Rss

My DD was always great at going to bed on her own and going to sleep, then we went away camping and a few nights after we came back she started wanting to fall alseep on our bed so we let her for about 3-4 weeks then we found it a problem. So then we did the whole sticker on the hand, bought her a night light and me sitting in the room with her which helped and she will lay on her own bed and eventually go to sleep with a bit of mucking around. Sometimes it can take 30-50 mins for her to fall alseep. It's been about 2 weeks now and I'm over it sitting in her room, what do we do, do we just close the door and let her cry? Any other suggestions.

Heather, daughter Abby 21/07/04

My DD is nearly 3. She has been a terrible sleeper right from day dot. And she still is.

We have basically reached a point where we just let her crash wherever she is at the time.

I don't know what your DD is like but ours is a very emotional based personality, and leaving her to cry would just break her heart, and ours.

If it is a problem to, you could try putting a matress on your floor for a few nights and gradually move it out?

Seriously if you want my advise, put her down in her cot after a bottle or whatever, close the door and walk away, if she cries, let her cry. We did it for a week and now its soooo good . She does take about 30 minutes to fall asleep, but she just talks to herself and falls asleep. If you dont want to be sitting in with her and sleeping next to her etc, this is the only way to do it, (you have to be cruel to be kind)...... thats my suggestion!

Good luck with it.
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