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How are keeping you child warm at night? Lock Rss

My 16m son will not stay under his blankets. He wears a spencer and flanelette pjs but am still concerned as he is very prone to picking up colds, has been coughing a lot more at night since the cold weather set in and his hands and feet are freezing (rarely keeps socks on). I have tried a fleecy sleeping bag which was great when he was a baby but now he just gets frustrated and wakes up because of the lack of movement. Any ideas?

Rach - Boy 03.02.04 & Girl 10.01.06

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My son is 11.5months and will not sleep with covers on. I find layering is the best. First a singlet or spencer, then a long sleeve bodysuit with or without legs depending on temp, then his fleecy pj's with feet in bottom, then I will sometimes if REALLY cold put him in a fleecy sleep suit and then a summer GROBAG. I have ordered a winter Grobag and think I will not have to sleep him in the sleep suit as well once he is wearing this. I find the Grobags are great because they are really long and wide and do not have arms so they allow for room to move and don't stifle the child's movement whilst sleeping. You can get them from At the moment they have 25% off a lot of their winter grobags. They are still a little expensive but last more than one season and one child and if they prevent your child from constant winter colds and you from constantly questioning "is s/he warm enough?" then I think they are worth every cent. If you buy 2 you save $10 essentially not paying postage and if you are a Coles Baby Club member you can save a further $5 by putting in the code AW05 2 until 30 June 2005. I hope some of this has been helpful! Goodluck!!
Hi Rachwa,

My daughter is the same!! She just cant seem to like having the blanket over her and will push it away as soon as I cover her with it and even when shes asleep she knows to kick it off (amazing i might add).

When the weather gets cold I find skivvys, tights and bodysuits are the best to keep her warm. I would wear all this for her and if i feel that shes stil not warm enough I add on flanelette pjs.

But my advise for you is to trust your instincts and dress him accordingly but keep in mind that at his age he is strong enough to regulate his body heat to keep him warm so he only needs a extra layer more than what u wear (more if u use the blankets to keep warm, considering he doesnt want the blanket).

Other factors may be the season, not all coughing is because of the cold weather. He might be allergy to something in the air. Cold weather alot of ppl cough in winter or spring and it might be the pollen in the air.

I know we all love our little ones but try not to stress too much.

Good luck and all the best,

my son is also a wriggle worm, so i simply got an over sized blanket that once tucked in only gives him room to roll, It has worked for us. I had to use the blanket because riley doesn't like to have too many clothes on i guess it is restrictive for him.

Riley's mum, QLD

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