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Should I put my 15 month old into a big bed? Lock Rss

We are about to move to Queensland. My DP has been there 6 weeks already, the boys (Linsley 15mths next week & Ethan 10 weeks) and I have been living with my parents till the DP finds a house which he has we should know tomorrow when we can go up.

We had to pack the bare minimum for the move so we have no furniture accept our bed and 1 cot!

Linsley sleeps through most nights. If he does wake he just lays there and grizzles sometime going back to sleep on his own sometimes I do have to go in and tuck him back in with his dummy, bunny and Charlie bear. Very rarely stands up and only if he is very distressed.

I'm really stuck on whether buy a 2nd cot for Ethan or a big bed for Linsley? I have found a set of bunks that can pull apart into 2 single beds, one of the beds has sides all the way around accept for a little space at the foot of the bed where he could get out on his own.

Your advice or opinion is much appreciated.
I would propley leave him in a cot a bit longer just to be on the safe side as he is still very young.

Once he knows he can get out of a big bed he might be more interested in climbing out.

Thats just my opinion

Good luck with the move hope everything goes well!!


My DD is 14mths old and I am due with #2 in july. I will be putting her in a big bed in the next couple of weeks as I can't see the sense in buying another cot. She won't be in it for long enough to justify the expense.
I am going to buy a bunk bed that can be seperated into two singles and sleep her in the bed with the safety rails all around it.
She is a little wriggle bum but hopefully by the time #2 comes along she will be well settled.

2 y/o DD, and 11 mth old DS


my DD is 18 months (a little older than your son) but she is going into a big bed today as for the last month has been climbing out of the cot, we have a bed for her with safety rails and i think she will be fine at least she will be able to put herself back into bed (she could get out of the cot but no back in).
if someone would have asked my this question about a month ago i would have said keep him in the cot but now i would say put him in the bed, or do you have a portacot you could use for a while??
If you were going to buy another cot a portacot might get more use.

Freaked2002, 3 girls 07/03 09/05 & 06/07

Hi Ladies
I have a 20 month old boy. He has been in a big bed for about 8 months now (moved him at 1 yr too heavy for cot).
He does get out of it all the time but he loves it.
I think if you make it a fun experience for them they will never look back.
Ryan went into a bed at 15mths and adjusted to the move from cot to bed really easy. We only moved him at this time as we wanted the cot for Jayden and didn't want to be buying two cots. However at around 21mths of age he started playing the 'I'm getting out of bed all night' routine and he went from being an excellent sleeper to a much poorer sleeper cause we were in retrospect too soft on him when he kept getting out.

I wouldn't say 15mths is always too young but my advice would be to be strict about them staying in bed or bad sleeping habits can creep in as happened with us.

i think that is a much better idea than buying another cot.
i put my son in a bed not long ago he is a bit older (19 months) but he ajusted so well, the first night he took 30 minutes to go in his bed and go to sleep as i have a gate up he cant get out of his room. its only been 2 weeks and now i tel him its bed time and he goes and hops into his bed lays down and pulls his blanket up its so cute.

my friend put her little boy into a bed at about 10 months, i dont know why so early but thats what worked for her.

if you dont get a gate you will just have to be persistint as she will get out until shes used to it.

let us know what you decide
Thanks for all your replies!

We're going to put him into a bed. This week he has figured out how to climb out of the cot! He does it with such ease... He hasn't climbed out during the night yet, but I will difinitly be very firm with him if he starts that game. When he's finished his afternoon nap he just climbs out and come to the lounge room to play, it's very cute how he just trots on down the hall from his room.

I think a bed will be safer, its not as far to the ground if he falls while climbing out. We'll get the bunks i've seen and use the top one with the sides all the way around.

Thanks again! I'll let you know how he goes.

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

i moved my eldest son into a bed at 14 months cause our new baby was 8 weeks and too big for the bassinet. He wa sgreat! he got out but after a few nights he stayed in there or got back in himself.

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