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Starts kicking and screaming when put in cot Lock Rss

Hi all,

My nearly 17 month old has started kicking and screaming sometimes when she is put to bed.

She is normally really good at going to bed but over the last couple of weeks she has started to chuck tantrums more often.

Unfortunately I think we have made it worse on ourselves by sometimes taking her in with us or rocking/holding her to sleep.

I'm finding it really hard to handle the tantrum because she kicks and bangs her head. She throws the dummy away also. I end up giving up and taking her out which of course just makes her more tired and worse.

I'm open to any and all suggestions!


Mum to (Olivia 3 Feb 2004) & (Emily 26 Jan 2006)

Maybe it's time to move her into her own "big bed". My daughter changed from cot to bed when she was the same age.
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