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How much sleep do they need? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
I have a little girl who is 17 months old and am not sure if she is getting the appropriate amount of sleep. I know all children are different but I would just like some advice from others on their experiences. Our routine varies quite a lot but as a general rule is like this - 6.00am wakes in cot and we bring her into bed with a bottle (180ml) which she drinks and goes back to sllep until 7.30ish wjen she gets up has breakfast etc. 11.00am goes back to sleep after crying for 15 minutes.12.30 wakes up lunch play etc. 8.30pm She asks for her bottle (180ml) which she drinks by herself. 9.00pm She asks to go to bed - takes 2 minutes for sleep. She sleeps through the night. This rounds to 12 hrs sleep. I'm very happy with the night sleep but worry about her being awake for such a long interval during the day. What are your thoughts. Thanks

Fiona, NSW

Hi Fiona,

All you can do is read your little girl's signals. If you think she's really ready for a bit of a nap, give it a go.

If she flatly refuses, perhaps trying lying down with her for a while (at least you'll get a bit of a rest too).

If you don't like the idea of her getting used to lying down with you, you could try just reading her a few stories while she lies down. That way, even she doesn't actually have a sleep, she's had some time lying down and giving her body a bit of a rest which may see her through to her bedtime a bit easier.

Good luck

Mum of 2 girls - 18/11/00 & 04/04/03

mum-2 girls, 9mths & 3y.o.

My experience at that age was; wake up between 7 - 8:30am, I aimed for no one allowed out of bed until after 7 (because I can't cope with any earlier). That means if they wake up early and I can't get them to go back to sleep then they lay in bed with me. Then they get the sense that we don't get up and go to the lounge room anytime during the night. He then had his drink of milk and a little while after his breakfast.
He went back to sleep at lunch time for 2-3 hrs. Sometimes he had an early lunch and went to bed.
Then would go to bed about 7pm.

That was the usual day. I watch for tired signs and crankyness and they may have an extra sleep.

I have a sleep chart I could email to you if you like? My email is [email protected]
I am just in the process of getting my scanner working again because my boys have taken off with the disc somewhere.

mum of 3

my boys are all great sleepers waking about 730 or later than one nap aroun 1 -130 for 3-4 hour the 15th month old slept 4 5 hours one day then wnt back to bed afet anote 4 hour in fact when i ha him i had to go back to hospital the day wecame home due to comlication and ryan scared hubbyas he slept the whole nite thru

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

all 3 of my kids have been fantastic sleepers - my youngest (18 month old son) sleeps 7pm - 9am every night (has not waken at all during the night since approx 4 months) and he still has a 2 1/2 hour sleep everyday (sometimes 2 sleeps). I put this down to ALWAYS PUTTING YOUR CHILD DOWN AWAKE. this has always been my rule. I have freinds who cradle their children to sleep from infancy and although it is lovely, it makes me cringe. We need to let our children know from the start that we are boss. There is plenty of time for love. When it comes to being a really good parent, the more sleep we can get the better.
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