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Does anyone encourage controlled crying? Lock Rss

Just reading through a few posts and it seems I might be one of the few mums who is big on controlled crying. Is there anyone else who uses it or am I on my own?

Hi i am new to the forums.... No i personally dont do controlled crying,,, i read the baby whisperer and my dd goes off to sleep happily now ,,, we started having sleep problems at 6 months and after 3 nights she happily went off to sleep and sleeping through the night again,,, this so worked so well for us as we just couldnt handle hearing her cry,,,, upset me too much and stressed me out......just our way of doing things gasp) A freind of mine uses controlled crying and they are very happy with it,,,, it comes down to whatever suits the family
[Edited on 22/05/2007]
I don't encourage controlled crying but I had to do it for my daughter. It was the ultimate solution for us.
For some babies, control crying does not work at all. We tried many times since she was 6 months old and when she turned 1, she learnt how to settle herself and sleep.

Ada- 23/02/06,ACT

Thanks heaps for your replies. Have you ever heard of the Tizze Hall routine? I've just heard about and am curious to know if it promotes Controlled Crying.

We used controlled crying for both of our children and it worked perfectly.I used the method out of Robin Barkers Baby Love book.I did feel guilty for the first 2 nights but after that they settle down so quickly.

I have use controlled crying but I couldnt handle it and letting my daughter cry for no reason so in the end I use Tizzie Hall(save our sleep)and the method that use to get my daughter to sleep is called (laying down) and I did it with my daughter for one week and after that we havent had any trouble since and now she can resettle herself and doesnt expect mum or dad to get her back to sleep.

I think it just depends on the family and how they want to raise their children.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Yea, we used it for both our kids, but no more than 10 minutes at a time. They learnt quite quickly that we weren't going to come when they wanted, and soon settled down.
I was watching an episode of Dr Phil the other day and they were talking about 'letting your child cry' and for how long etc, and what was interesting was, if you let your child cry 20 / 30 mins at a time, it actually increases baby's blood pressure which travels up to the brain and can cause damage. Also, it releases a large amount of stress hormones in baby's brain. Both of these can lead to SIDS!!!! (Latest medical tests and facts). SO going in to check on baby after still not settling for 10mins, then thats fine to do - in fact they suggest we do it!!!

Mum of 2!

Hi ya,

I don't encourage controlled crying...but can say that we did try.
Worked VERY badly
I then tried Save Our Sleep and that was even worse.
Then I started reading 20papers/controlled_crying.pdf

then I started a blog and aim to get many links
http://www.parentingbabytosleep.blogspot. com/

To help people like myself and other understand
[Edited on 11/06/2007]
hi there, I dont like control crying but i believe if all other method hasnt worked and u can handle it and the child doesnt get too distressed go for it. i use it. tresilian have bene recomending it to me. I read alot of info and books and in the end used my own way by combining a whole heap of stuff together. is till use it and willo continue using it if i need to.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I have used control crying, and it has worked really well, although i found it awful, and definately would not use it with a child under 6 months. I have since read Tizzy's method, which i would use with future babies i think. She does let the baby cry, but only for a set period of time which is different for different ages, and then recommends sitting with the child for up to 45 mins to get them to sleep. It is really interesting though, so many parents have such different views. I really think that it is a matter of what works for you!!

I should add that my understanding of controlled crying is that you only ever leave the baby for a maximum of 10 minutes before going in again to resettle, but i could have misunderstood. That is how i did it, anyway!
[Edited on 12/06/2007]

Definetly not under six months. I did after 1 yr by puting ds in cot, i wanted him to learn that its bed time and time for sleep. I only let him cry for 5 min then go in and cuddled and said time for bed i would only do this for half hour. He is 16 mnts 98% times he goes to sleep on his own straight away. I guess it worked. He still wakes at night sometimes once but i wouldn't let him cry then as i know he just needs s bit of comforting and i wouldn't want to wake whole house up.

My 15mth old DS goes to sleep after being in be for 5 mins,however wakes around 11.30pm every night we have been to a pead and even though he had reflux as a baby they say he has outgrown this and I agree with them, as I fell he is only waking to come into our bed (we started co sleeping while I was working as it was the only way I could get any sleep) for the past 3 nights when he has woken I have tried CC and the time it takes for him to resettle has dropped however just after he got back to sleep last night DP flushed the toilet and that was it for another 40mins until DP had enough (it was 12.30am) and put him in our bed!! off course he can get back to sleep straight away he doesn't have a toddler sleeping on his tummy! can I use controlled crying when he wakes through out the night? or any other suggestions please....

NZ, Mum to LJ (4yrs) & JD (sausage 18mths)

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