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I cannot get my son to sleep in his own bed!! He is almost 2,and it is such a fight to put him to sleep of a night I always give up,and end up letting him fall asleep in my arms,and then sleep in my bed. I CANNOT do this anymore.I am a single mother,and I really need my time alone after he goes to sleep,and I want him to sleep in his own bed,all night,and I want to be able to just put him in his bed,and him put himself to sleep.How can I do this?

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Have you watched the Super Nanny??

Persistance is the key, it may take a few nights and will be draining on you. You just have to keep putting them back in even if it takes 100 times.

Try putting him in his bed and sitting on the floor with your head down and not looking/talking to him. Each time he gets out, put him back in and sit back down.

Unfortunately I don't think there is any easy suggestion.
when i first put jesse into a bed he slept right through for the first week and then he would come and visit me every morning at 1:30am then 3:00am then at 4:30am, i could set my watch by him!! this went on for about 2 weeks and i then put up a baby gate for the first week he would still wake up and scream for 5minutes then he would go and hop back in his bed, now a month latter i don't use the baby gate, and don't have a little visitor in the night, i do close his door when he goes to bed and open it when he is asleep. goodluck and i hope you get some sleep soon smile

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

Hi Marti,

The supernanny had kids like this in almost every show and what she did worked. This is along the lines of it. Hope it helps. Kids just needs any excuse and for it to be listened to by their parent so you need to take that available excuse away. eg. 'Mum, Im thirsty' when meant to be asleep. Give the child a drink before bed.

Brush Teeth
Say Goodnight to other parent/kids
Definite Bed-Time
Read 1 story only, kisses cuddles once only
Once kisses and cuddles finished, no more eye contact or talk.
Sit on floor beside bed. Far enough away so child cant reach you. NO TOUCHING NO TALKING
Child gets out 1st time, say its bedtime, good night and pick up and put into bed/cot.
Subsequent times that child gets out NO TALK, NO EYE CONTACT, NOTHING AT ALL just pick up and put back in bed and sit back down on YOUR spot.
Keep doing this no matter what, until child eventually tires and goes to sleep. Even if child was desperately screeming, SuperNanny didnt talk, touch, console or anything. I think the worst the Supernanny ever had was 1 1/2 hours and some 45 times getting out of bed and she just kept doing the same thing.

Next night
Same as before but sit just inside the door to the room

Next Night
Not in room at all.
If child gets out of bed and comes out of room do the same as night 1. First time out, say time for bed and put back in bed but any subsequent times child gets out of bed, no talk, no eye contact just pick up and straight into bed and leave room again.

Goodluck, hope this has been a help.

Bec. Mum to Jade (June 03) and Makai (July 06)

why dont you try sleeping in his bed while he is in yours at least you would get a goodnight sleep and eventually he will want to sleep in there too.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

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