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HELP!! My day starts at 5am Lock Rss

I am not sure if this will help, but i was wondering what time he goes down for his day sleep? My DS (16mths now, but this was at about 14mths) was waking at 4:30 every morning, and this went on for about 4 weeks. It was nearly killing me. When he was doing this, he was having one or two sleeps, depending on how he was behaving during the day. His first sleep was at 9am, because he was so tired from waking so early!! Sometimes he would then refuse to have another one, other times he would have one at about 1pm.

A friend suggested that i keep him up longer in the morning -she had no idea why but she told me that she did it with her child when she had the same problem and it worked a treat. Especially as later bed times did not seem to help. I started keeping him up till 10am (which was awful the first day - lots of walking around the house pointing things out to keep him distracted) and two days after i did this he started waking at 6:30 and has not looked back. He is now on one sleep at 11:30, and i am working on moving it to 12pm.

If your little one is going down before 12pm, i would try pushing the sleep to 12:00 (or later if you can) and then waking them by 2:30. Apparently after 18 mths they should not sleep past 2:30, or it mucks up bed time. My ds goes down at 7pm. Have no idea if this will help. but it really worked for me.

This morning it was 5.15am - he was up and ready to start his day. He has gone for a sleep about an hour ago (1.30pm). He will be awake soon.
He is a very determined boy - I really don't want him waking his sister (16 months) at 5am, so I have been getting up with him and putting the telly on for him to watch, while I lay under a doona on the couch. It's hard because he's almost 3, and can get out of his room, and will scream down the house if he isn't getting what he wants (to get up and watch tv and play!!!)
We've tried to keep him up later at night, or not have a day sleep, but nothing is working. I am exhausted getting up at that time most mornings..

DS - July 04, DD - Feb 06, DS - Oct 07

i totally hear ya. Its exhausting isnt it. I am up and donw all morning trying to keep dyl quiet so he doesnt wake his brother. I should just get up but he wont sit and wtach tv. gets bored too easy.
My lil man sleeps at 12 at daycare and at bout 1ish here at home though today it was 3!!! omg he kicked walls and played for 2 hours. i was bout to give up when off o slepe he went lol so i let him sleepfor half an hour and got him up. we'll see what happens, they almost always go to bed at 7 without a hassle.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Karozaty, i really feel for you. If he is going down at 1:30 and still getting up early, and cutting the day sleep doesn't help, you must be at your wit's end!

I was talking to another friend with a 3 year old who used to do the same thing and she created a star chart and gave him an alarm clock. If he stayed in bed until the alarm went off (and she started with 6:15am so it was easy for him to achieve) she gave him a star. When he got 5 stars he got a reward. She then moved the alarm to 6:30, and now it is set for 7. If he wakes up before hand he just stays in his bed and plays quietly with a toy she has put on his bedside table the night before. If he gets out of bed to play, he does not get a star, he has to stay in bed to earn the reward.

I guess the reward would have to be pretty good for him to be motivated, and you could start by giving him a reward every day he stays in bed till the alarm, and then slowly move to needing two stars and then three etc if he is really determined, as determined kids often need more immediate rewards, but it may help?!? I am thinking of you and hope he learns to stay in bed soon for your sanity's sake!!!!

thats a good idea. My eldest one gets out of bed and plays quietly so hes fine. he actually shouted out his door to ' shut up dylan" and slamme dhis door and went back to bed again this morning, but my lil one who is the early riser and noise maker wouldnt understand a sticker chart yet. But thats a good idea, i am goin to remember that for if i ned it later.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Thanks Amelia. I think I might have to try the star chart - at this point I just don't know what else to do!!

DS - July 04, DD - Feb 06, DS - Oct 07

Arrrggh....I remember those days! We had to put a lock on our two year old's door as he figured out how to work the child-proof handles on our doors! He was waking up at 5am every morning and waking up his newborn sister at the same time! I got a fish lamp (where the fish rotate around) with a very dim light and put it on a timer. I set it for 5.30 the first morning and the night before told him that he could only get up when the fish lamp came on. The first morning he woke at 5am, and when he started crying I went in and sat with him and explained that we couldn't get out of bed until the light came on. When it did I made a big fuss and got up immediately and switched on the lights and said how clever he was. The next morning I went in when he woke at 5am and told him he couldn't get up until the light came on - and then I left (and locked the door). He cried a bit - but nothing too serious and I made sure that I went in as soon as the light came on (by sycronising our clocks). The next morning he woke up at 5.30 by banging on his door! After about 5 days of this, I set the timer to 5.45, then 6am. It worked like a charm! Most mornings I don't hear from him until 6.30ish (the lamp still comes on at 6)! He just needed his 5am habit to be broken and a clear indicator of when he could get up. Since he stopped waking at 5am, he sleeps better during the day (2-3 hours). Worth a try perhaps?

Oh, and we just had to accept that we would have a few terrible mornings whilst we put the system in place, but his sister slept through most of the fuss.
[Edited on 20/07/2007]
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