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He sleeps in our bed ... Lock Rss

Just thought I would actually admit it to myself. My toddler 19 month old sleeps in our bed - right between me and DF! yep and it doesnt look like he is going anywhere.....ahhhh its liberating to get it out in the open. Oh well maybe its just a phase ...... ppffff I doubt it! smile have a lovely day girls!!

Have you tried to read to your son when he goes to bed so he is in his own bed cause my daughter use to sleep with me and her dad til I had enough and made her sleep in her own room and we had to use method that is called "layed down method"

The way I did that was by putting Jaye into her room and giving a kiss and cuddle and saying its bedtime and goodnight and didnt close the door but I did leave it open abit so I could see how she was going but at the same time she couldnt see me.

The first night was hard but after a couple of nights she went to bed by herself and even now she does it.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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I have an 18 month old who sleeps in our room, not in our bed, but seems to be going through a stage at the moment where she gets up in the middle of the night crying. Once i sooth her by stroking her head she settles, will fall asleep again and an hour or so later will do the same thing. I don't want to put her in our bed, as i am 7 month pregnant and don't want to have to settle to babies to sleep. Has anyone else had this problem. My fear is that once baby no 2 comes along that she will be waking him up and i will have to settle to children.

Carmen, NSW, 11mth baby son sleeps with me too!!!!! I've actually migrated to the back room so both my son and I can sleep comfortably without hubby!!! At least he doesn't snore (yet!)

My DS has slept with us since he was 3 mths old (now 12mths) - he usually feeds to sleep. I went back to work and he went through a growth spurt at the same time and I couldn't cope with 1 hrly feeds and have to go to work.

It's actually called "co-sleeping" and apparently a lot of bf babies end up that way. I guess some sleep/ rest is better than none!

I wish that he would sleep in his own bed and keep saying that I will bite the bullet and try but it is sooo hard. Whenever I try to put him down (asleep) in his bed he wakes up and screams.

Yup we co-sleep too
No way I'm going to get up everytime I need to feed her...its just not natural in my eyes.
Most kids (not western) sleep with their Ma and Pa until the next one comes along and they can't stand being kept awake all night so they move out.
Well good on you for getting it out in the open! If and when you decide he should have his own room, this is what we did.
Because no.2 is on it's way, we put our old double size mattress in DD's room where we all slept for about a month (more like my DH and I couldn't let go!). She got used to sleeping in her own room again. Then we bought her single bed and I fall asleep with her at night, she's fine during her day naps on her own. It's only been a week and now I leave her there to sleep on her own. We thought that a gradual transition would be easier on her than a sudden one. And it's working well for all of us. I absolutely love sleeping near my baby girl but I'm sure she's more ready than we are to let go of the co-sleeping!

Linda ~ DD1: 10/01/06 ~ DD2: 26/06/07

Hey Girls! and thanks for the replys - yes our little man is still in our bed - he has quite a bad cold at the moment and he just seems to feel so settled and comfortable when he is in with us - its sweet. I love that post about putting the double mattress in bubs room and moving them in gradually. Well for the moment we are 3 in the bed : ) : ) : ) !!
[Edited on 15/06/2007]

Oh i am so glad to hear that other ppl do it too. I thought i was the only one and never told anybody!! Toby 15 months old, i do put him in the cot to go to sleep, but he wakes during the night so i get him out and put him in with us. as he does abit during the night and i not getting up a 100 times a night. It works for me so i dont worry. DP dont like it that much, but he not here every night. Talk soon ladies take care and sleep well

Net, QLD

Oh my gosh - so nice to know it's natural. Our 16month girl has just started to stay in our bed since we had a holiday and she slept in a portacot near us. She is ok in the day (although i now have to rock her to sleep and can't just put her down) but as soon as we go to bed she knows and cries for a bottle and won't take it unless in our bed.

I have tried controlled crying a few times but she is so upset and agitated i don't feel i can put her back down in her cot again cos she gets worked up again. What do i do? Should i just let her scream again and if so how long for and how many times before it's too cruel to? We want to try for another bubs which isn't easy when it's three in the bed!!

Best wishes to all!

Nikki, baby girl ''''''''''''''''06, baby boy ''''

omg, i need help with my bubs...he is 16months...and he has been sleeping with me sinse he was about 10 got to the stage where i was too tired to get up at all ours of the night to settle him, and thats when i started putting him in bed with me but now, it has gotten out of control

At night he starts off sleeping in his cot, but then any time after 9, he will wake up, and he will only go back to sleep if i put him in bed with me. He sleeps fine in his cot during that day. i need some advice as to what i can do to get him sleeping back in his own bed, as i am sarting TAFE next month, and at least one day i week i will be starting at 7am, and my mum will be getting him out of bed, but she doesnt know he sleeps with me...what do i do???

elyse, vic, hayden

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