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He sleeps in our bed ... Lock Rss

Elyse, You will have to decide enough is enough and mean it. I had a similar experience a few months ago (my boy is now 13 mths) and it was getting beyond a joke and he was waking up all night long next to us and getting lots of breastfeeds. Not good as we want to try for another baby and still no cyle back from so many feeds. Aside from that, he was waking up before me and crawling all around the bed, nearly flying off the edge, scary.
Anyway i just decided that was it and put him in his own room. When he woke during the night i waited at least 10 mins to go to him and sometimes he went back to sleep. If not i would go to his room, maybe feed him or rock him but never back in our bed.
I have not looked back since that day. I did enjoy co-sleeping for a while but he just got too active and it was getting dangerous.
Hi all! Our 14 month old slept in our bed from about 6 weeks until about 9 weeks and then I couldn't take it anymore!! She was sleeping on my belly and she was getting so heavy I'd have such a sore tummy and we used to overheat each other so we did the big transition! It was great having her in our bed coz I believe it taught her to sleep in longer cycles. So we put her in the cot in her own room and it hasn't changed! She simply won't sleep with us anymore even if she's sick! When and if she wakes during the night I wait a little while and if she's serious about it I go in with a bottle, no lights, turn on her music again, feed her, put her on my shoulder and pat/rub her back for about 5 minutes (time depends on her - if she's really awake I do it for minimal time then pop her into bed so she doesn't think it's time to get up. If she's unwell I'll do it for longer - it's nice). Then she's back in bed, tucked in and I just walk out. Usually that's it. If she's being a bit of a turkey I'll go back in after a good wait and put her back over the shoulder but I try to remain strict about night sleeping. She went thru a phase of waking up between 12.30 and 2 and she HAD to get up and play for 20 minutes! Yuck!! But we got thru that and now she yells for 10 seconds at around 5am then straight back to sleep until 7.
If you want to get them out of your bed (and it's so much better if they're not there!) You have to persevere and don't give in!! If you try and fail and leave it at that, it'll make it so much harder for when you try again. I think co sleeping is beautiful, but I also think there's a time limit involved. If you want to try for another, then you definitely should get the first one into a stable sleep routine in their own room first! Otherwise it'll be four in the bed!! No thanks!!!
Good luck.
wow it is nice to hear so many similar stories. I also hide it from my parents as they have two small children themselves and they have always slept in their own bed, it always made me feel insufficient in this area. My DD (20 months) has slept with us since she was about 12 months and she got quite sick. Since then she has been in and out of our bed. Tonight I have a plan to keep her in her own bed because baby 2 is on the way and I don't want everyone sleeping in our room.

She is fine going to sleep in her own bed but wakes at night and I usually just put her in our bed. Past times I have put a chair in her room and if she wakes i go and sit in there until she falls asleep. Last time I did this it took around 2 weeks and she was sleeping through the night. Although of course she got sick and I just let her stay in our room.
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