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hi girls my son is 20mths old and i am pregnant and due in less than a week and have an 8yr old son and a very unhelpfull husband, i am struggling with my baby at the moment he has never been a good sleeper, but over the last 4 weeks he has been waking at 3.30 - 4am and that is it for sleep and it makes no difference what time he goes down weather its 6 30 or 8 30 he still gets up and hubby thinks athat the answer is to put him in our bed which doesnt work as he is back asleep in minuts and me and baby are up.
Now my sister has suggested to give him phenergan for a couple of nights in attempt to get him back into a sleep pattern, but i really dont know what to do as ive never given it befor and dont want to be seen as doping my child so i can get some extra sleep i want him to have a better sleep so he is happier during the day
Any advice would be great ( sorry its so long)
Hi - i know where you are coming from - i have an 18 month old who is a shocking sleeper -well was til we took him to the doctor only to discover a breathing problem - but to answer your question - too get our son to sleep we were prescribed Vallergan - a stronger antihistamine than phenergan - & it worked wonders- as he had a bad habit we had to 'teach' him to sleep though - i always felt guilty when i gave it to him but have not looked back - we weaned him off it entirely within 3-4 weeks - & as he has year long sinus to this day i use it when he needs it as its the only thing that dries him up -
so consult a doctor maybe - but if you need good sleep occasionally dont feel guilty you need to get on top of this before bub arrives - phernergan did not work for us as i was at ends meet to - but what ever works for you - go for it - but i would suggets you get professional advise if you are uneasy as the doc could prescribe you something more relevant for your little one!
Chin up - your doing a great job & you will get sleep eventually - im loving the bed time now as we go form 8-6.30 - heaven....
keep in touch - all the best

my boy is 4 n our miricle on the way wink

I was prescribed phernergan by my pead to help my then 18 mth old sleep. It worked for the first 2 nights then I think he became immune to it because it did nothing after that. However, I don't think I was giving him enough as he was a heavy boy then and the chemist freaked out when I asked for it (Ithink he thought I wanted to drug him!!!) so he told me the required dose but it obviously wasn't strong enough.

Anyway, I give it to my boy occassionally now because he has food allergies and its a great antihistime to help settle down the reactions, so when he does have it now I give him the right amout and it puts him in the heaviest sleep.

Don't worry too much about it, it won't hurt him. Your probably just feeling unsure because your so exhausted and very pregnant. Just remember, your entitled to sleep too, particulary when your about to have another little one to contend with.

Good Luck to you and I hope your boy gets some rest and so do you.

Kell - 2 handsome boys!!!

I would use it, for sure, and have done for this reason too, to break a bad sleep pattern. I have suggested it for a few friends too. I think the longest you will find you will need to use it is a week. They do tend to develop bad habits dont they!
I dont think i would use it. My nearly 3 year old has never slept through, wakes once, twice or 3 times every night and my 6mth is following her sister and wakes about 4 times. I feel like I'm up all night but I know that the are just bad sleepers and if i could be bothered (i will soon) I could get strict and train them to sleep through. If you are really at your end then maybe you need it but dont just assume its going to give you a child that will sleep through forever, but i guess even one night is good hey!! Also worth a thought phenegan can cause hyperactivity in some children... goodluck. Also riverton (or places like it) take children to 3years and teach sleep skills.

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

I wouldnt use it, only because it is a drug induced sleep and you really are not teaching him anything! He needs to learn how to put himself back to sleep when he stirs. As one other poster said, it can make them hypo and that is not a pretty sight, I saw it first hand on an aerolplane from Athens to Perth!!!! The Poor Mum.

I am in a similar situation to you...... my 22mth old will now not sleep through the night and will also not go down for a nap at all and I am also pregnant and tired. My sister also suggested phenergan and I have done some research on it and spoken to doctors etc about it.
It is apparently linked to SIDS in children up to 5 years of age. It can also start to cause allergies in children who were once not allergic to anything at all, it can start to cause learning difficulties in some children and some children have a hard time getting it out of their system so when they wake up the next day they are dopey and lethargic all day.
After hearing all of this I decided against it.
But you know your own child and you know what would be the best thing to help them. I wish you luck!!
no i wouldn't use it. a friend of mine suggested i use it when DS goes through phases and wont sleep. but i worry that if i gave it to him that he wouldnt be able to wake and tell me something was wrong eg. temp. this has happened a number of times, he has a number of restless nights then wakes as he has a temp of nearly 40 degrees. if i used a sedative he wouldnt be able to let me know and could have a febral convolusion. i also had trouble with him sleeping through, all my friends had babies that slept through, except me. but i put the work in and taught him how to sleep throught the night and also sleep during the day (was a terrible cat napper).
but i am not in your situation (well not yet, we are thinking about number 2 soon!). i just think sedatives are a bandaid approach. perhaps he is getting his 2 year old molars or just going through a phase.
Good luck, I hope things get better. If you do use phenergan, get medical advice first, just in case of any possible side effects.

I've not used Phenergan, but I have used Pan Quil for DD.

I use it upon recommendation from DD's GP, Paediatrician and a nurse/midwife. It is also used for the relief of pain & fevers but also has a sedative medicine in it to help them sleep when they are unsettled.

It has paracetamol and another drug in it (can't remember what it's called) I used it when DD was 7months old. And have begun using it the past 3 night (haven't used it since she was 7mnths) as she has been waking at 1am and staying awake till 2pm in the afternoon until she has her afternoon sleep. Now I'm not pregnant, but I can not cope having 1 or 2 hours sleep a night for weeks on end.

I only use it as a LAST resort when I've done and tried everything (Controlled crying is usually the straw that breaks the camels back for both of us). Usually it only takes her a few nights of having it to being able to sleep through the night unaided again.

You might have a hard time finding it in a chemist - and I should add it's given once you've talked to the Pharmacist. It can't just be brought over the counter - You have to sign a release form for it too.

At the moment I have one that is designed for Kids allergy relief but it has the same drug in it, and I just give it with panadol (recommended by the pharmacist)

Best of luck with your decision. I would recommend talking to your GP first or a CHN.

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Someone told me to use Vernergan to help get my DD who's 12 months old to learn how to sleep through the night, I however decided against it as the Chemist told me it can slow bubs respiratory rate when they're asleep, (my DD had respiratory distress as newborn), so that's my reasoning.On the other hand, I can understand how you're feeling about the lack of sleep, for the last 12 months I have been up on average 3 times a night. I think you should approach your GP, chemist and CHN to see what they can offer you to help, if all else fails, put on the waterworks, I did that in the chemist after a month of having 3 hours sleep a night, I was just so exhausted, a little embarrassed but they gave me a bottle of their pharmacy brand teething elixir and it did the trick for a couple of nights. Sorry about the long winded post!!!
i was prescribed vallergan which mentioned before is stronger than phanergan. my MIl is always saying to use phenergan. We use the vallergan to help put them in good slepeing habits when they get out of whack. It is a drug induced sleep but it helps that when they wake up they git tired easier so the control crying back to sleep is quicker and then after 2 nights its sorted. i was told not to use it for rmoe than 3 days though as they will become immune to it.
And a word of warning, it can work the opposite way. It can hype the kids up. my son drank some and was rushed ot emrgency he had almsot 6 time sthe normal dose and they had him in observation wiating for him to slepe. 6 hours he still couldnt sit still. very scary so just becareful. hes fine of course thankfully. We only use it when we r at our wits ends.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I would go and consult your doctor about using it as it can have the opposit effect. A very wide awake baby.
I think in practice you have the right idea. Try and get him out of the habbit by using some form of sedative for a couple of nights. You might find the doc recommends something else rather than Phenergan though.
Are you sure he is not waking up becuase he is cold? My son was waking up earlier than usual when the winter weather started so we have a heater that we set on a timer in his room. We set it to come on at 4am. In your case maybe you need it to come on at 3am and then go off an hour later. I only put it on low so it gently warms the room. You may have already tried this but it might be worth a go.
Good luck,.
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