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broken day sleep Lock Rss

i have twin sons and they have been sleeping from 2 to 2 1/2 hours during the day.

one of my sons was woken 1 1/2 hours into his sleep by my neighbour pulling down a shed. since that day he has woken at the same time and whinges and complains and will not go back to sleep.

it drives me crazy because if he then gets up he is irritable and whingy for the rest of the day and then by the time bedtime comes around he is overtired and has a crap sleep at night also.

but if i leave him in bed all he does is whinge and cry until he is screaming.

its like he has forgotten how to get himself back to sleep.

otherwise than pull my hair out in frustration does anyone have any tips.

moni SA twin boys 17mnths

Hi Moni,
Are the kids down to one sleep? I know it took my twins about 6 weeks to get it right. This may sound mean, but, I will not get my kids out of bed before the two and a bit hours mark. I found that 8/10 times they would go back to sleep. My philosophy was if they're going to be screaming when they're up, then they may as well do it in bed. They are getting a bit old for resettling techniques, so go outside with a chardonay and a smoke!!!!
Susan 20month old twins

Susan twinmum boy/girl Oct 2003

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