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Staying in bed Lock Rss

We have a child proof handle on the inside of my DD's room. She has since worked it out and is able to get out of her room. This morning, she ran straight into my room but I am worried that she could get up to mischief if I don't wake up before she does.

How do you keep your child in their room? Do I teach her to wake me up immediately, or try another child proof method to keep her in her room until I get her? scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Hi, I don't have this problem yet but am prepared with a spare child gate for when we need it. They can't open them as the design is good and will last till they are tall enough to climb over which by that time they should be old enough to be trusted in the rest of the house.
Hope this helps!

Next to DD's cot there is a bookshelf. We put some things on it that she has picked out and call it the "tommorrow pile" so that when she wakes up it reminds her that that was what she wanted to look at the next day. - usually it is books and a toy that she wanted to play with. Not too sure if this will help you out, but it may help DD not to get up to too much mischief before you get up and keep her busy for a bit.

hope this helps,

Hi, My DD is 2.5 at the moment and we just use a child gate to block of the areas we don't want her to be in if she wakes up before we wake up. currently we use one gate to block off the entrance to the living areas from the hallway and one gate across her brothers doorway so she doesn't wake them up, the only place she can go from her room is the hallway and our room.I find by giving her that little bit of freedom se's less likely to scream blue murder and wake her brothers up if she needs us in the middle of the night because she has the freedom to come straight down to us.

my baby''''s becoming a big boy almost TT

I was worried about my son staying in his room for 2 reasons - (1) was that he would get up to mischief and (2) was because we have a sunken dining room I didn't want him walking through the night and falling ... he is a great sleeper, in bed before 6 every night and sleeps through till 7am ... to keep him in his room I got a child safety gate and put it across his doorway at bedtime every night ... may seem cruel, but it works.

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