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i want him out now before its too late!!! Lock Rss

i want my son out of my bed during the night, he takes about and hour to fall asleep in own cot at 7-8pm then anytime after 11.30pm hes awake, (me and dp were lasy a few nights about 2 months ago and just threw him in bed with us) now he wont go back to sleep unless i put him in our bed!!! CC doesnt work for us, i try giving him a bottle doesnt work!!! i wish i could turn back time. how do i get him out before he's older and its harder. i dont want him to be 5 and in my bed!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!

***haydens mum***

hey..i've got the same problem, my son hayden is 16 months.. he goes to sleep in his own cot first, around 7:30pm..then anytime after 9:30 he'll wake up.. but i've started to do the control crying..if he wakes up, i just pick him up and settle him, and put him back in his cot..and he will go back to sleep again...then he'll wake up a couple of hours later. and i do the same thing, and normally he will go back to sleep straight away.

by the third time he wakes up, if he doesnt go back to sleep the third time, i put him in bed with me..but i think if i just keep doing, and not give in he will probably get used to sleeping in his cot again....maybe u should try the is tiring but, would u rather him in bed with u for many years, or would u rather spend the time to get him back in his own bed? your choice..but for me, i'd rather him sleep in his own bed. good luck

elyse, vic, hayden

Last time I looked my Nanna was not sleeping with Great Nanna (or any of her other 16 children)
Dad was not sleeping with Nanna and Grandpa
I would hate to sleep with my parents
It does become uncool way before 5...don't worry.
Once I remember Mum and Dad got up and went into my bed...hahaha that was the end of that...I don't remember going back...unless I was sick or cold.

How about a sleeping mat beside the family bed
What about close the and your parnter move closer to gether.
Put the baby on the outside not the middle

Check out Elizabeth Pantleys site and books...she's got heaps of ideas.
we had DD in bed with us when she was 4 months (we had just moved and hadnt set up properly and by the time we did she didnt like being in the cot by herself) so we moved the cot into our room beside the bed, that way she wasnt in bed with us but still felt the security of knowing we were close by iykwim?
and thats where she stayed until she was 1 then we moved the cot back into her room got her sleeping in there although she still wakes a couple of times she always goes back to sleep.
she has now upgraded to a "big girl" bed (i know many will think this is to soon but she is ready and its working for us) i found this easier when she was having trouble goin to sleep or wouldnt go back to sleep at 3 in the morning as i could just lay down beside her. she finds this easier too and once bub is born it will probably be some of "our time".
and when she gets up in the morning instead of sitting there screaming at me she can just get out of bed and play on her floor with her toys. everyones happier!!!
well thats what just works for us
hope it gives you some ideas

I read this strategy in a magazine not long ago. Perhaps you could give it a go.

To start with, sit with him next to his cot holding his hand until he falls asleep.

Then a few days later, start to just sit next to the cot without holding his hand till he falls asleep.

A few days later start to move your chair slowly further away from him toward the door until you are just sitting at the door.

Eventually you should be able to just put him in bed and leave the room.

I dont know if it works, and I imagine it would take a great deal of pateince, but might be worth a go.

been there, done that!
same thing, our DD was around 8 months when things got really bad and i went and did a sleepworks programe through my community health nurse(it was wonderful)
it gets you really down, cos you think what have i started?i was on the phone almost every other day to ngala, crying, telling them by 1.30-2 am i had had enough and was too exhausted to keep going into her cot, re-settling her, rocking or singing or nursing her back to sleep, only to have her wake up 20 mins later!i would just get back to sleep and she would start again! it was torture! they were very reassuring, cos at the end of the day, whatever lets you get some rest is whats really important and they are only babies and sometimes only need a bit of comfort.

but if you seriously want to put a stop to this, try the controlled crying, you will have a few unbearable nights where your neighbours will wonder whats going on with all that screaming, but each night will stop a little bit before the last.
DON"T go back into the room AT ALL(unless you think bubs is hurt)just let him go. if you go back in, he will think that you will always keep coming back. you will know when enough is enough and do it on a night where your partner can sit with you and hold you back from going in!
it is hard at first, but sooooooo worth it!

now if mia ever plays up at night (she's 15 months), we just let her go and it'll only ever last 20mins max.
she knows who's boss!

speak to your child health nurse or ngala and see if they know about sleep programes for parents to learn how to break habits and bad sleep associations.
good luck! hopefully you and your son will soon be sleeping peacefully at night!


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