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Can I just many of you have 2 year olds who wake at night? Lock Rss

My recently turned 2 year old has never really been a great night sleeper in that she has woken for a bottle once a night. For a short period of about 5 weeks she slept through but now wakes wanting that darn bottle again! I've tried cc but this only works for a short time then she goes back to waking and I don't want to go through cc every few weeks! It seems she has nightmares on mnay occasions. We will get the occasional night that she sleeps through so I know she can do it. What I'm wondering I alone or are others the same? I had PND for the first year of her life exacerbated by the fact that everyone I spoke to had babies who slept through from 6 weeks old and I thought I must be a bad mother because Brianna wouldn't! I'm better now but curious to know if other toddlers are the same -or am I doing something wrong?


my son is almost 2, has never really slept through, but does occasionally.

he still wakes for a bottle once a night but will wake up and just wants to be layed with until he goes back to sleep.

i dont think you are doing anything wrong. just bcoz u know mothers who have had their kids sleep through from 6 weeks doesnt mean u are doing something wrong. every child is different and unfortunately you dont know until you get to the point where you find out.

i dont mind that my son wakes during the night as he slept in the same bed with me and my ex until we seperated and i got into my own house. he used to wake at least 5 times a night when he slept with us, so i can deal with once a night.

your not doing anything wrong and dont beat yourself up about it, when she is ready to sleep through for good, she will let you know by letting you get a good nights sleep

good luck
my daughter wakes once a week in the middle of the night but u shouldnt let it worry you non of my kids have sleept in all night if you need help go to your local child health nurse and if it continues for much longer ask for a referal to a sleep specialist for toodlers they are great and can really help, have u tried controlled crying it does really work if you can stick to it
I've got heaps of friends that their baby does not sleep five hours straight....old ones as well like Grandma's friends.

Just remember Dr. Ferber (who developed CC) said he prescribes the crying technique "only if the family is comfortable with it." He also warned that it is not a universal solution for childhood sleep problems.
"If a child is frightened at night or has separation anxiety, leaving him alone to cry is the worst thing you can do," he said. He would recommend counselling or other solutions, depending on the cause of the problem.
[Edited on 17/07/2007]
Thanks Megan! I just read your blog and feel much better. I really think that QE2 (like Tresillian) actually contributed to my PND as I felt I had to do it their way or I was wrong. They wanted me to do feed, play, sleep which never worked with Brie because she needed to unwind. It took me 6 months of crying (her and me) to decide enough was enough and feed her before sleep. Voila! We did not ever have any trouble going to sleep again and still don't! Maybe this is why she doesn't sleep through now but I really don't think so because she only wakes once a night and you can often hear her self settling at other times. I wish I'd read your blog earlier! Maybe I wouldn't have put so much pressure on myself!


hi y almost 2 and almost 3 yr old both wake up. they ecah prob sleep thru 2 oout of 7 nights but its never the same 2 lol. i have tried every trick in the book,s pokent o every professional. i have found that the earlier they go to bed the bettr they sleep and I give my eldest a cuddle and he sback to sleep and my youngest ahs a bottle and back to slep most nights. Iam due inseptember so i guess i will be back to no sleep completely.
I also had perfect sleeprs all round me but i did realise that I am not alone and its not my fault. SOme kid sjust sleep well and some dont.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

I have three boys and none of them slept right through the night untill well over 2 and a half. Bubs knows what she wants she may be thirsty or may be having night frights which are common at this age. Go with whatever you and bubs are comfortable with, all babys are different, i as you seemed to be the only mother with baby that never slept through but i wonder how many of thosed 6 months olds really did sleep throuhgh. Dont worry about giving her a bottle if it pacifys her and makes her feel safe its a good thing and she will grow out of it eventually. Enjoy her and dont let people stress you out with what they should or should not be doing at a certain age. You are doing a great job and obviously love her very much, just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy being a mum. good luck
My 21 month old has never slept longer than 4 hours at a time through the night. She has graduated from our bed to hers for the start of the night and if she is in there past midnight we are having a great night. She will often wake 2-3 times from when she goes to bed around 8 until she gets into our bed normally between 10:30 and midnight.

She then has a wake and feed around 3 and again at around 5. A great night is when she skips the 3am feed or when she stays asleep long enough for me to watch a whole TV show without being interupted.

It is ok though and I hear that she is starting to learn to self settle in the early hours of the evening.

I read that many light sleepers will wake more frequently. Being a light sleeper is supposed to be representative of a baby being in REM sleep where they are learning and processng new information. For my little girl it is showing to be true as she is very bright and way ahead on her developmental milestones so if that means that I get less sleep so be it.

Good luck and always remember each child is different in how they develop and act.
Hi There
My little girl is twenty months old and wakes in the middle of the night 1-3 times!! It is so frustrating and very tiring. I sufferred from PND for my first year of her life and sometimes still think i have the lingering effects of it.
It is hard enough having a child that doesnt sleep through the night, let alone tackling your own demons at the same time.
You are DEFINATELY not the only one and I live in hope that it is just a phase and it is going to get better. A glass of red at night always makes me feel like a "grown up" again.
Take it easy on yourself
wow after reading all these posts I feel normal - my 2yo DS has given us a few full nights sleep but would normally wake to come to our bed at around 2am or 4 am starts off in his bed but ends in ours.... so it sounds like iam not the only one makes me feel better


Hayley is 2.5 and lately has been waking in the night, I think it might be either bad dreams or teeth coming in (she has had a bit of nappy rash and also been sucking/chewing on her fingers)

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

My 2 1/2 year old son still wakes every night. He occasionally sleeps through the night but most nights he ends up in our bed. He hasn't had a bottle since 14 months so I don't really know why he wakes. When he was a baby all the mums around me were saying their babies were sleeping through and I thought they were all liers.
But just to prove that all babies are different and maybe those mums weren't lying my 7 month old has been mostly sleeping through since 3 months. I don't think you're doing anything wrong at all. They do what they want (especially at 2) and there isn't mich you can do about it. Just keep your chin up and hope they will grow out of it soon.

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