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Getting out of bed Lock Rss

We moved our daughter to a bed at 22 mths as we needed the cot for a new baby due very shortly. It all started off very well and we are now about 2 mths into the process but am finding that after we have read stories and turn out the lights she will keep getting out of bed (sometimes up to an hour!) before going to sleep. Suprisingly she doesn't leave her room but will get out and usually stand by the door. Does anybody have any tips on how to keep my little one in bed?? She is still having one day sleep and I don't like to let her sleep after 3.30pm as her bed time is 7.30pm.

chris, qld, 2yo

Hi my daughter still does this sometimes and we just let her play as long as she stays in her room and she justs hops back in bed when shes ready and goes to sleep, usually with toys all over her bed but at least she sleeps.
maybe she could have an eairler day sleep or later bed time otherwise just let her play in her room, she wil go to sleep when shes ready and sleep as long as she needs to.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

Hi there,
We are having the same problem!! My 22month old is also getting out of bed continuously - it's driving us crazy. He's been in his bed for only about 3-4 weeks as he was climbing out of his cot and we have a 4 week old baby - so it was definately time to get him into his own bed! He was OK for a while, but now he likes to constantly get out of bed. Tonight hubby was away so I had to bath and get both off to bed by myself. While I was feeding the baby, DS was constantly getting out of bed wanting me to read him his story book (again!!) In the end I got so cranky that I raised my voice at him, I felt so sorry later on!!
Surely other mums and dads out there have had the same problem. Please tell me that they get over it and will stay in their beds eventually!!

PS It's not that he's not tired either, sometimes he's falling asleep before he's even in his bed.
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