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Waking up Wet ! Lock Rss

Hi All

I was wondering my son for the past week has been waking up at 5am soaking wet with pee. His clothes are drenched and he is cold poor thing !!
He has dinner at 6pm and he drinks water with his dinner a bath and then a bottle 260ml at 7.30pm but for some reason this week he has been waking up wet. We use Huggies nappies so i am really confused. Does anyone have any ideas??
Would love to hear all ideas / comments
Many Thanks Mel
Hi Mel,

Check out this thread for some suggestions....

<a href=" Time Nappy Soaked...</a>.

Mel, NSW, Boy 02/03 & Girl 04/05

Occasionally this happens to my son (he's now 20 months). If he drinks a cup of water before bedtime it will definately happen, so i limit it to half a cup....and hes happy with that. Also sometimes if he sleeps with his knees curled up underneath him while lying on his tummy i find that this also contributes to his pjs being wet as it leaks thru the top. As far as I know their is nothing we can do about it apart from limit the amount of water we give to them roughly about 30 mins before bedtime.
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