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Climbs out of porta cot Lock Rss

My son 27 months sleeps really well at home in his normal cot and at daycare but at Nan and pops he sleeps in a porta cot and all he does is climb out and wont goto sleep. has anyone got any suggestions on ways to keep him in the porta cot and get him to sleep there as well he goes there 3 days, daycare 2 days and the weekends at home.

Maree NSW, Oscar 5 yrs and Anton 2yr

Hi Myrtle,

My little girl went through a stage where she climbed out of the cot, so we put her in the port a cot (it isn't as far to fall), and she climbed out of that too. I can't remember exactly why it started but do remember it was a power struggle type thing. We just stood there and as she went to climb out (she'd put her foot on the top for leverage) we'd say really sternly "NO" and put her little foot back in the cot over ,and over ,and over and over, and over.... sometimes we'd let her get almost out, pick her up (no cuddle) and lay her down. She had the hugest tantrum (I really remember that bit) and screamed, but wans't upset but cranky, and eventually she lied down and slept. It took a couple of sleeps for her to start just lying down again, but when she realised the boundries she settled. I actually ended up getting advice from Tizzie, and we picked one technique (as explained the adult saying no as they put the little foot back in technique), but there are other ways depending on age that may work better.

This strategy is tyring and a lot to ask of a grandma though. It was successful for us, but maybe because I had let the boundries go a bit during the day and no didn't always mean no and my daughter was recieving mixed messages and was confused....

It's individual, maybe your little one might like to sleep on grandma and grandpa's bed and that would be a special treat - at least he's sleeping.... or he sleeps in the porta cot at your place on the weekends and Grandma's during the week (5 out of 7 days) then it's more consistent....

Goodluck finding a solution.

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...


i think the best thing for you to do is finish with the porta cot, now that he can climb out of it, it can be dangerous. i think you may need to think about a cot permanently there. if there is room of course.
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