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2yr old banging head on door of a night Lock Rss

I have a two year old boy who climbs out of bed numerous times through the night and bangs his head on the door. He'll bang his head on the door until i go into him but in the mean time waking up his twin sister who is in another room. I try and leave hime as long as I can, but feel guilty afterwards. Has anyone got any ides or has anyone been in this situation. All suggestions kindly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi Tash,

Is the bedroom door open or closed? I know it seems like a dumb question but if it's closed maybe he wants it open, and you could do this for him make it sound like "oh you poor thing you're banging your head on the door and waking us all up when you're just trying to tell me you want the door open, we can do this......blah blah"... (and put up a child gate so he stays in his room - that's the deal- door open, gate up)...

Does this help?


mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

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