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my 15mth old still wakes several times during night Lock Rss

I have a 15mth old boy called Zac who seems to be still waking several times during the night. I have tried control crying and had sucess for about 3 nights when I gave in because he started crying and crying for 2 hours on and off. I took the easy way out because I was tired and cranky and needed sleep so I gave him a bottle. I don't really like listening to him cry for hours really either. It stresses me out. But I need to find some solution to get Zac to sleep through as I know he really doesn't need to be waking at his age. When he does wake I usually give him water in a bottle then at 4.00am every morning he wakes crying again and this is when I give him a milk bottle as I'm sick of waking and need sleep and I know he will drink this and sleep until about 6.30am. This is starting to effect my relationship with my husband and he his nagging me to do something about his waking during the night. I need to stop this also because he his not eating like a toddler should be because druing the course of the day he is still having numerous bottles of milk. I would love to hear from anybody with advice or similiar situations.


Kellie,Qld, two boys aged 3 & 15 months

I had the same problem with my now 22 month old. He has only in the last month or so not woken at night. I found out that it was his teeth. He has finally cut his canines and he sleeps wonderfully, bed at 8pm up at 8am smile.

He use to wake during the night and the only way to get him back to sleep was a drink, but it couldn't be cold had to be room temp. I tried to control crying and it seemed to work when my husband was asleep but he couldn't handle hearing him cry of a night when he had to sleep, so I couldn't perservere with that.

I know this really doesn't give you any help but it might be something that you could look at.
If you hubby is nagging you to do something then get him to agree to try controled crying again. If you've had success with this method you should try it again. If you have hubbys support it will make it easier for you to go through with it. Would you rather have 1 week without sleep or several more months disterbed sleep?
I think toddlers who still get more than 1-2 bottles a day don't eat well because they don't have too - they are getting full tummies on milk. If you stop the 4am bottle, he should eat better during the day, remember toddlers are snackers so if he won't eat a big meal offer plenty of healthy snacks through the day.
hi kellie

You have just described my 20mnth old, up until two months ago. It was like having a new born waking for a bottle every few hours and screaming the house down if he didn't get one. I am pleased to say we did the controlled crying and had success. It was damn hard but we got there in the end and after the first few nights it did get easier.
My son is also a lot more happier after a full nights sleep not to mention so is mum and dad.
I am no expert but if you want any futher info on how we got through just let me know and i'll send you my email address.
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