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Cant keep 2yr old in bed! Lock Rss

I am really desperate for suggestions. Until about a month ago my 2 1/2 year old went to bed and stayed there and went to sleep now he constantly gets out of bed and stands in the door way. I have tried everything I can think of. Ignoring him, putting him back repeatedly, doing the super nanny thing. I cant get him to go to sleep at all during the day and at night it is taking anywhere up to 4 or five hours to get him to go to sleep. If i skip the day sleep all together I have better sucess at the night sleep but we have a tantrum filled afternoon because he is so tired having not had a sleep.
Help me please!!!!!!!!!1
I used to have so much trouble getting my son to sleep and also used to take me hours and hours. He is now going to bed at 11pm because his daily nap is so late. He is at a point where he doesn't need a daily nap as much, but can only hold out till about 5 or 6pm. It is chaos and really taking a toll on us (me and husband) as partners because we don't have that time alone together when he goes to bed for the night because we are also tired. Anyway, one thing that has been working for us is now my husband puts him to sleep. I have this toy star thingy its about $25 from Toys r Us it projects these images on the ceiling of teddy bears spining around and plays this really sleepy music that can put us to sleep. He is hypnotised by it. My husband lies next to him or sits on the floor and my son usually falls asleep before it ends in 10 minutes. Occasionally we reset it for another ten minutes or another, but it's better than 2 or 3 hours. Maybe you can try that.

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Oh you have no idea how you sound like me and my 2.5 year old daughter......Phew.... nice to know i am not the only one having to battle the non sleeping non going to bed and staying there when asked child...i have also tried everything from Supper nanny to smacking and everthing in and are you going? get any good advice that worked? Let me know

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