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New bub on way, #1 still co-sleeps! Lock Rss

uhhhh ohhhhh!

Iv got plenty of time left, as im only just preg, but DS (22months) has been co-sleeping at night since he was a newborn. which we dont mind... sleeps perfectly in his cot during the day, and til about 10pm at night, then is in with us til morning... but now that #2 is on the way i want to start transitioning Brayden now so that he doesnt relate it to the new baby (who we will co-sleep with from birth) There is no way we can co-sleep with both of them... its too dangeous/risky...

has anyone got any ideas on how to get him to sleep in his own cot all night?

Hi Melissa,
I had the same problem I am due in Feb and my 2 year old was in our bed everynight from about 2am. I used control crying and luckily after 3 nights (and about 1 hour of crying and me rubbing his back each night) he got the hint and now stays in his cot all night. I now have about 5 months to get him into a big bed which is why I started early. I am not looking foward to him being able to get out of bed whenever he wants too.

Lucas & Sam''s Mum

we cosleep with our dd shes 21mths and still b/feeding,but im trying to get her into her bed as we'd like to add to our family and want her adjusted b 4 a new arrival.

A side car bed/cot
A little bed on the floor beside yours
The big bed (as in own bed) is special and for big kids

My Aunt with 8 says that once you've a little bed set up in your room so they know they are still welcome the don't often use it when the new bub comes as it makes too much noise and welcome the quiet of their own bedroom.
Hey There!
We have a DD who is 17 months old and has co-slept with us since about 7 months old. I'm 23weeks pregnant so we were keen to get her into her own bed. We set up a mattress on the floor in our bedroom for her and she has slept there on her own for one week now and so far so good! We will gradually move her into her own room soon but for now I'm happy with her move to her 'own bed' in our bedroom.
Good Luck!!!

Mum to Alyssa 03.04.06 & Liana 07/01/08

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