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Waking through the night Lock Rss

Hi, we have a 21mth old son who seems to like to wake during the night normally around 2.00am to play in his cot. Garrett normally goes to bed around 7.00pm but if he goes later this doesn't seem to effect the night waking, it still happens. Sometimes he will wake, play for a couple of hours and then resettles himself to sleep. This in turn means that he sleeps in till 8.00 or 9.00am this would be lovely if we could also sleep in till then.

I have thought of moving him to another bedroom a bit further away so as not to wake us up.

My mother has suggested he may have thread worm as some children with that wake through the night.

I am going to try putting clock that ticks in his room to see if this helps. Garrett settles himself to sleep each night but generally when he wakes through the night and after he has played for a while he may need us to come in as he starts to get upset.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Tracey,
Some children do wake up and play through the night. If he goes back to sleep that's great. If he is waking and that boths you guys you then (if you can) change rooms.
If he is dummy dependant to sleep (like mine is) then pin the dummy onto his PJ's and he will settle himself. If not then you may have to use control crying. There is nothing wrong with him waking and playing or maybe you have to darken his room more as to not wake and play. These are only suggestions as I really do not know the room he sleeps in. He sounds like a happy heathy boy which is great.
Regarding the time he sleeps going to bed at 7pm is fantasic. Mine parties on till at least 9pm. Try changing his waking time in the morning graduately.
My son slept from 9pm - 9am which sounds great but then makes going out difficult. I just started to gently wake him at 8.30am then 8am now 7.30am. he still has his 2 sleeps during the day but now the timing suites what we need to achieve through the day. I just have to get him to sleep earlier at night!
My son also has a clock in his room which I really think does not aid with anything but telling the time. I tried leaving a clock radio on softly but that did not help either. Really what helped was the pinned dummy and a very dark room. I have a roller shutter on his window. FANTASTIC!
Good luck.

Jungle baby

Hi, I have a 21month old too, although I don't have the problem you do. I would suggest making sure there are no toys in his cot and that his room is dark. If he gets upset, I would try leaving him for as long as you can (close bedroom doors if necessary!), go in as a last resort (no lights) and tell him it's time for sleeping and not playing and then leave him again. It may take a while, but this is probably just another stage (and aren't we used to them!!) and if you are consistent and predictable he will stop. the last thing you want to do is teach him that if he wakes he'll eventually get you to come and see him (you know, all that cause and effect stuff that they learn so quickly!) Good luck.

Carina, NSW

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