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My fifteen month old son used to have two sleeps a day. Even to get that was an effort. Lot's of control crying. Now he won't have a morning sleep and wants to go down after lunch, only to sleep for half an hour. Then he's up till 7.30. He is so grumpy during the day and driving me insane. He used to cat nap really bad when he was little. I used to get two twenty minute sleeps a day. It's like it's starting all over again. Is there a secret to making them sleep longer?


Leisa, Qld, 15mth son


I can relate to what you are going through. All I can say is that my 2yr old was a 15minute cat napper and now she has one sleep through the day and it is anywhere between 1hr and 2.5hours. My little one gets tired around 11am so I give her an early lunch and then we both lay down together. I found this to be the only way of getting her to sleep during the day. Mind you, I don't mind having a 2hr nap either!

Also, how active is your son? I found if I let my little one tire herself out in the yard or sit and do puzzles where she is thinking or activities of any sort then she will feel like sleeping. Mind you I still do have the odd fight to have a sleep but within minutes she is out.

Good luck!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

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