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Four year old boy play too aggressive Lock Rss

We live on a park and don't have a fence at the back of our house. Our problem is with a 4 year old neighbour who comes to our house every day to play with my 4 year old. This child is very active and likes to play aggressive games like shooting, sword fighting, chasing and then hitting each other etc. He's not a really bad kid but I just find he is there too much. My child doesn't always want to play either but the other child is very persistent. I have raised this with the parent's twice but the mother gets very aggressive and says she can't stop him from coming here as he is "just being a kid" and he thinks it is fun at our house. My problem is that lately my 4 year old has been displaying this aggressive type of playing elsewhere - at other playgrounds and with other kids and it usually results in tears. If I want to stop this interaction we either have to lock ourselves in the house or go out. Any ideas what to do?

Jane, Qld, 3yr old and 8 month old

firstly can i say good on u for knowing aggressive behaviour is not just part of being a kid! I have a 14 month old and when he was 11 months we were at a play centre and twice a bigger kid prob about 4 hit him and knocked him flying off a bike. both mums were no where to be found so i told the kids off myself. MOst kids by 4 know right and wrong and this kids mother should eb taking an interest in what he is doin. If your house is so much fun, it makes u wonder why he doesnt play at his own. Perhaps You need to be more assertive with this kids mum... Its not fair on your boy and as long as you keep reminding your child that its " not nice to hit" and so on hoprefully the other kid wont rub off to bad.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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