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Toddler wants booby milk again now that newborn is home Lock Rss

A little bit of a dilemma I don't know to react to. I breast fed my first son for 9months. He is now 17 months and loves the cows milk he drinks from a bottle morning and night. He still enjoys his milk but when I'm breast feeding my 2 wk old he has started to go for the other boob.
Does he remember breastfeeding? or does he just want what his brother is getting that he is not?
How do I react to this behaviour?
Please help! I am well and truly stuck on this one.



I recently saw a Dr. Phil episode about this a lady had the same problem with her other child. The only thing is the other child was eight and this lady gave in and let her feed again . I found that quite disturbing. Sorry I am not much help but your story just reminded me of that. I also have a couple of friends who have had toddlers pretending to feed dolls and teddy's etc so they can be like mum. I personally think it is an attention thing. I read somewhere that a mum had some special toys that her child really loved and that they were only bought out to be played with when mum was feeding baby. Goodluck

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi Kelly,

I saw that episode of Dr Phil too and as with you, I found it quite disturbing. I think that once you've weaned them that's it. It may be an attention thing, I don't know.
Thanx for the feedback.


i cant help u i only breast fed my 1st son 3 days b4 all the problems dcided 4 me to bottle feed but it sounds like its a attentiom thing

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14


Try contacting your local Australian Breastfeeding Association. They may have a few tips. The helpline number in NSW 9639 8686.

Good luck and keep us posted. I'm hoping the same thing doesn't happen when my second child arrives in July.


Thanx for your advice. He has stopped doing it. Hasn't done it for about 3 weeks now. I do think it was an attention thing, too.
My baby is 6wks now.

Congratulations on your upcoming baby!! How old is your first child?



I've got an almost 5 month old and a just turned 3 year old. Recently the 3 year old asked me if she could have some of 'Jack's milk'. I weaned her at 8 months - so I know she wouldn't remember.

She had recently asked to try some of his formula milk, which I let her and she did not like it. So I reminded her what the milk in Jack's bottles tasted like and she pulled a face and decided she didn't want to start breast feeding again. So now when I'm breast feeding Jack, Caitlin just sits on the other chair with her 'baby' and feeds the baby while I feed Jack.

I agree that it is an attention thing, but she seems more happy playing the mummy role than the baby role, so I'm happy to let her pretend to breast feed her child.

However, I did have to laugh the other week when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She replied "Boobs" so she could feed her baby like mummy feeds Jack.

Rere, NZ, mum of three

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