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Upsetting neighbours... Lock Rss

Does anyone have trouble with their neighbours?? I live in units and the couple next door are really exhausting. For the past 2 years we have put up with there behaviour, last night again we were woken at 11pm and thay fought and kept us and our bub awake until 2am. It's not just argueing but absolute hysteria. She is screaming at the top of her lungs, punching walls and banging doors as loud as possible over and over again. They both hit each other and run up and down the driveway screaming at each other. It happens regularly and each time we call the cops but they just come and tell them to quieten down. The worst part is they have a 18 month old little girl which is the part that really upsets me. I hate that Maya can hear all this from the next unit, image this little girl having to live with it... I just dont know what to do, they are very young (19) and I think they really need some help but I don't know what to do to help them, on the other hand I also just want to get them kicked out. Sorry I've babbled, trying to get this off my chest...

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We've had similar issues with the people living in flats next door. On many occasions we've phoned the police, but if we get a 'run' of such behaviour I normally phone the real estate who manages the property. They have been really pleased that we've let them know, as they don't really know what goes on. I don't know if this suits your situation or not though. If they are renting I would definitely let the real estate know, and fight to get them out.

Good luck

We had a similar situation with our neighbours upstairs from us. They were uni students who kept us awake because they were so noisy (not fighting) They would just get home at all hours of the night and slam doors and laugh and giggle and talk loudly with no consideration to anybody else. They would have up to 10 other students stay over at any one time. I tried talking to them a few times, but it didn't work. To cut a long story short we broke our lease and ended up moving (lucky we were renting). I'm sorry I have no advise but just wanted to share our experience.

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