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Ideal Age Gap Lock Rss

I've got a 20mth old boy whom I love to bits, though he really tires me out sometimes (OK, most of the time)! I've got friends with kids the same age. Some have already had a second child, while others are at various stages of pregnancy.
I would love to have more kids, but the big question now is whether to wait for a larger age-gap or have two who are close in age.
Would love to hear from your experience!

C4Lin, WA ; DS(1) 25 02 04 ; DS(2) 10 10 06


I have 17 months between my two girls and it is a great age gap. The oldest has just recently turned two and the youngest is about 7.5 months. They are already becoming friends and are amusing each other. I love watching my oldest try reading books to the youngest and showing her 'the ropes' if you know what I mean!

Whilst I think it is a great age gap and we want more children I think we are going to wait until my youngest is at least one before trying to conceive a third child. I just feel I couldn't give enough attention to my youngest daughter if I had another baby any time soon and my body needs a break. I think I would like to enjoy just having two for a while longer.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &

my girls went through a stage from 2 to 2 and a half, when they discovered things were theirs ie: mine, mine, mine was the word for months, now at nearly three they have settle to knowing and talking about their things and other people have things. They have suddenly worked out everyone has possessions and it is ok to trade them, or take turns with them.
I reckon have less then a two year gap or a more than 2 and a half age gap.

Mum to twin girls 3yrs


I felt exactly the same way as you when my DD1 was 20 months and still not sleeping through the night. I couldn't face another baby and more sleepless nights! However, things got better and when she was almost 3 we had DD2 and we are really happy. Having an older child can be good as she is toilet trained, quite independent with dressing, happy to spend some time at childcare or nanna's. We did have a little issue with jealousy to start with, but that pretty much ok now. Now DD2 is 5 mths old and they do play together and DD1 is very protective of her and likes to help me out. Personally I don't think I would have enjoyed having two close together, I have friends who have had 13 and 15 mth gaps respectively and I admire them for their hardwork! I don't think it matters too much, whatever works for you.

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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