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kids wont let parents talk Lock Rss

I have two boys,a 2 and 4 year old, and they wont let me and my husband talk to each other. As soon as they see us talking they start yelling and shouting. We tell them to be quiet because mummy and daddy are talking but they wont stop untill we give them our attention.
My 3yr old does the same.
If you need to talk about important things wait until they are in bed.
If it is a general chat all you can do is say mummy and daddy are talking and you just wait until we are finished.
It does not work all the time and I know how it can destroy a relationship but all you can do is teach them and they fingers croosed will learn one day.
Good luck to both of us.


Hi my son tried this for a while and still does from time to time we just explain nicely of course that we can hear him an will be with him in a moment but if that doesn't work we walk away from where he is so that we can hear each other. Outside is great they don't seem so loud and you can walk around the back yard while you talk so you can continue to hear each other. He figured out pretty quick that there was no point trying to get between us and I think the worst thing is to let their behaviour have the desired effect as they will just keep doing it if it works. I do agree with bigboy though it is easier to leave the big chats or the important stuff till they are in bed we chat to each other every night whilst we shower one sits on the loo while the other showers and then we swap and this way we always get to chat atleast once a day. Good Luck.
May be its the age, my girls have started doing this to my husband and I.
We started keeping a white board in the hallway. Our lists consist of what needs to be done and what we would like to do.
Helps prompt our memory on things we want to talk about to each other.

Mum to twin girls 3yrs

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