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  5. 14 month old daughter keeps hitting mummy. HELP need advice please...

14 month old daughter keeps hitting mummy. HELP need advice please... Lock Rss

Help, any advice would be appreciated.
My 14 month old daughter keeps hitting me on the face everynight when I try to play with her in the evenings (she sits on my belly to play) and when she sleeps. I keep telling her to stop, but she does it more. Can she be angry with me for leaving her all day with a babysitter because Im working?
I've tried the assertive approach and putting her on her little sofa when she is bad, and she understands when she's done something wrong, she cries and goes away for a minute then comes back to me for sympathy. She's also been refusing to sleep in her cot in the last week (Ill leave her in the cot for 15-20mins and still keeps crying her lungs out) and only falls alseep in mums bed (within 2 mins) For peace and quiet, I get her and put her in my bed. She won't sleep unless its in my bed and my poor husband has been sleeping on the single bed for the past two nights. What can I do? Im so so desperate to try anything new. HELP!!! She's driving me crazy. Last night cause she kept on waking up (cause of teething issues) I didnt sleep until 3am then got up for work at 6am. Please give me advice!!!! Any ideas or solutions?
well when she hits u smack her hand firmyl and say no naughty and ignore her for 5mins,and atnight put her in cit with dummy or bottle and say goodnight and leave her,she cries cuz she knows u will pik her up just ignore her for 20mins and if still crying go in and say good night,prehaps have a night light and leave..and smack her back if she hits u my son did it to me and i smack him twice and he hasnt done it since.

katie,nsw,20mth son

hi saf, my daughter's now 18mths old and we were very close and now all of a sudden she too hits me all the time and yes she will only sleep in my bed. And yes my husband has to sleep on the spare bed aswell. She has started to throw tantrums and say no all the time. I heard it's the begining phase of the terrible 2's,(turning 2 years old) where they are starting to come into their ownself and want to make decisions for themselves. I don't know if this helps but i understand what your goin thru.

Good luck

mum to Tarjaye 18mths


I can relate to what you are experiencing with the hitting. I have a 16 month old daughter who at about 14 months started to hit me and bite me and scratch me... I found it very upsetting at first as she only did it to mummy. I was silly and took it personally... but its not personal and chances are your daughter is doing it without thought or judgment... the mind of a toddler is complex, they don't think about consequences, they do things purely because it feels good at the time or because it gets a reaction. I read a book called "Toddler Taming" by Dr Green... it put a lot of things into perspective for me. With my daughter, whenever she did these things to me I would say "that's naughty" in a harsh tone of voice and if I was holding her I would put her down and walk away. After some persistance on my part and determination to beat my toddler at her game she has stopped doing it. I found the less the you react to bad behaviour the quicker it tends to go away.

As for your other issues... once my daughter goes into her cot for the night that is it. If she cries and gets all worked up I will go in and comfort her, but I do not pick her up or take her out of the cot. She knows once she goes in that cot it is time to sleep and I have stuck to my guns about this... have been through some tough nights, but the rest of the time things run really smoothly.

Goodluck with your daughter and remember you are the one in charge NOT her.

Michelle smile
My 13 1/2 month old boy hits and scratches me, my husband and the ladies at daycare. Its only started recently and I know it is hard to put up with. I have been telling him in a firm voice to stop it hurts mummy and walking away and so far I can see it is working. As with the sleeping issues just leave her in her cot and go in every 15mins to comfort her but let her cry. It is probably best if you have a couple of days off when you start this so you are not too tired at work. It does work and I have heard many child health nurses say it's tough love but it works. Hope things improve for you soon.
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