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sibling rivalry Lock Rss

This is my first time on the forum. I have a 4yr old daughter and a 4mth old daughter and am having trouble with the 4yr old screaming at bubs everytime she makes the slightest little noise. she does this in the shops, car and at home. Anyone have any tips for dealing with this type of behaviour. I'm sure she is feeling a little neglected as my time with her is now divided.
Appreciate any insight.
We found that if we could finde a way to give DD between half and a whole hour each day that was just hers with mum or dad helped.

May-bee if you had someone that could look after bub for an hour a day you would be able to give her your undevided attention. This might mean sh might have to stay up a little bit later than usual, but you would bough benafit from the time together.
Don't I know what you mean!!!!!!!! My 23 mth DS yells and carries on when DD (7weeks) is sleeping or crying or whatever sound and he will wake her up when she is sleeping either by yelling or yanking off her blankets or pushing her bassinette. When he is asleep she will cry and cry unil he wakes up. Constant battle with both of them, am pulling my hair out......
DS is that way because he is jealous of the divided attention. I try and nip it in the bud by praising and praising and praising and praising (you get the message) him before anything can happen. Eg, "wow what a good boy you are for.......". I just involve him in everything his sister is doing and hope for the best. It's just an attention seeking mechanism, remember your older has has you for 4 years exclusively and it is a huge change for her so only expect little from her at the moment. I know it is a HUGE challenge but there will become a day that she won't remember the younger one not being around.

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