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How do you stop a child biting????? Lock Rss

For the last few weeks Mia (2yrs) has been going through a phase (I hope it's a phase) of trying to bite Dallas (19wks). She gives him kisses and then will slyly bite him....
She used to be really gentle and protective of him, but all of a sudden she has started being a bit rough with him. I don't know if it's because she get's a bit too excited when around him or if it's jealousy.

I dare not leave them alone in a room together for too long, for fear of her biting him again....

I am still breastfeeding him, and he always seems to be nursing... but, I go to great lenghts to spend quality time with just her.......

We have tried sending her to the naughty spare room, we've explained that it hurts him, and I've even smacked her (which of cousrse did nothing.....). Short of biting her back, what am I to do now????
My DS jued to bite and not let go!!!! He would leave teeth impressions for up to half an hour after he bid you.

Nothing worked, That was untill I bit him! He has never done it again!

He had a hold of me and wouldn't release, so I slowly bit down on his arm untill i got a reaction he let go of me and told me don't and cryed] I then told him if he dosn't bite I won't bite. He never bit anyone again!
ncps1979 i seem to be in the same boat, my daughter 15months has just recently started biting, although she doesn't have a new sibling so i am being biten. i have no idea what to do, i have told her off, i have biten her back (which i feel awful doing), i have smacked her hand (which also feel awful doing), but all i get back is giggles and more biting.. And its getting mighty painful.. Does anyone have any ideas i am so lost its not funny.

nicole, VIC, 26mth girl

Our DS is only a biter at daycare! He has bitten me once, so i bit him back. He hasn't bitten me since.

The most recent occasion was a child was walking past and apparently he just grabbed his arm and bit him, I wasn't there so i have no idea. I did notice that there was only one carer in the room, who openly stated she was busy in the toilet area with another child, mind you there was 6/7 kids in the room. I asked what she did and she stated that she took him straight to the babies room (he's nearly 2 1/2), didn't make him apologise,because she was "just too angry" with him! How does he know that he has done something wrong, IYGWIM?

On other occassions, we have found it to be self defence or 'payback' to another child whom has bitten him previously, i just hope he gets out of this soon!
well if you child is biting your other child why dont you bit them back and she them how it feels to be bitten it works thats how i stop our kids bitting
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